Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Heartbreak: Netflix Could Cancel Deal With Sussex Couple? Duke Unlikely To Bring Archie And Lilibet To U.K. Because Of This

Credit: Access/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Access/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were accused of failing to deliver on a $100 million Netflix deal. Most, if not all, royal fans can recall that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex secured lucrative deals just months after they announced their shocking departure from the royal family in January 2020.

Aside from their alleged strained relationship with the other members of the royal family, it is claimed that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the primary reason why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were not able to give what is expected of them. Critics of the Sussex couple, however, suggested that making content might not be their priority as of the moment, especially after their alleged rebranding plans were reportedly put on hold.

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Recently, a film lawyer warned Meghan Markle and Prince Harry that Netflix might consider “pulling the plug” on the deal should the two parties fail to reach an agreement on content. Keep on reading to know more details.

Will Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Still Make Netflix Content?

Barry Chase claimed that Netflix looks for content that would cause a stir. However, he suggested that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry want to create content that “Speaks to their particular desire to make a point.”

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In a talk with Express UK, the U.S. television and film attorney alleged that Netflix would “pull the plug” at some point should Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fail to produce anything they regard as acceptably likely to cause a stir all on its own with the public.

To recall, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their multi-million deal with Netflix in September 2020. However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have yet to produce any content on the popular video streaming platform.

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Announcing their deal with Netflix, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry said in a statement:

"Our lives, both independent of each other, and as a couple have allowed us to understand the power of the human spirit: of courage, resilience, and the need for connection. Through our work with diverse communities and their environments, to shining a light on people and causes around the world, our focus will be on creating content that informs but also gives hope. As new parents, making inspirational family programming is also important to us, as is powerful storytelling through a truthful and relatable lens. We are pleased to work with Ted and the team at Netflix whose unprecedented reach will help us share impactful content that unlocks action."

Barry Chase stated that the lack of content may not be a sign of “any distress” between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. However, he noted that “there are always distresses and strains.”

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The lawyer shared:

"I don't think the lack of product so far is indicative of any distress. But there are always stresses and strains here. Harry and Meghan want to do something that speaks to their particular desire to make a point and Netflix may not feel that that's something that's going to sell very well. Because they are interested ultimately in the financial benefit they can get out of this association. But not short term, because they are a deep pocket."

No exact details of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s deal with Netflix have been made public up to this writing. However, there are claims that it would be worth, more or less, $100 million.

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Aside from inking a deal with Netflix, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry also signed a major deal with Spotify worth around $20 million. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have since produced one 35-minute podcast episode.

Both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have yet to comment on Barry Chase’s statements.

Prince Harry Feels Unsafe Bringing Archie And Lilibet To The U.K.

Meanwhile, the legal team of Prince Harry told the High Court in London that he “does not feel safe” bringing his kids to the U.K. after losing his taxpayer-funded police protection. Speaking at a preliminary hearing to have the protection reinstated, Shaheed Fatima revealed the concerns of Meghan Markle’s husband over the security arrangements put in place following their infamous Megxit.

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At the Royal Courts of Justice, Prince Harry’s attorney said:

"This claim is about the fact that the claimant does not feel safe when he is in the U.K. given the security arrangements that were applied to him in June 2021 and will continue to be applied to him if he decides to come back.”

Shaheed Fatima furthered:

"And, of course, it should go without saying that he wants to come back: to see family and friends and to continue to support the charities that are so close to his heart. Most of all, this is, and always will be, his home."

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The security concerns of Prince Harry are believed to date back to the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue in July 2021 in the gardens of Kensington Palace. It was previously reported that photographers chased the Duke of Sussex’s car through the streets of the British capital after a charity event.

In January, Prince Harry revealed he applied for a judicial review of the security arrangements in September 2021. A statement released last month read:

“Prince Harry inherited a security risk at birth, for life. He remains sixth in line to the throne, served two tours of combat duty in Afghanistan, and in recent years his family has been subjected to well-documented neo-Nazi and extremist threats,” the January 2022 statement read. “While his role within the Institution has changed, his profile as a member of the royal family has not. Nor has the threat to him and his family.”

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At the moment, only Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and Kate Middleton receive 24-hour police protection. Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Sophie Wessex, for their part, only receive state protection when they carry out official royal engagement.

There were claims that Prince Harry is likely to return to the U.K. to grace a memorial service for the late Prince Philip in April and the upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth in June. However, amid the security row, it remains unclear if Meghan Markle, Archie, and Lilibet would be able to fly to Britain together with the Duke of Sussex.

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