Meghan Markle, Camilla Parker Bowls Feud: Duchess Of Sussex Upset Future Queen Consort After Stealing The Spotlight?

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Meghan Markle allegedly upset Camilla Parker Bowles before she and Prince Harry left the U.K. The Duchess of Sussex reportedly stole the limelight from the future queen consort when the latter was doing her royal duties.

Meghan Markle Allegedly Stole The Limelight From Camilla

Prince Charles' second wife has been an advocate for sexual violence and abuse. According to Mirror, during the 10th anniversary of the Women of the World Festival in London, the future queen consort had prepared for her address for the event for over a year.


Thus, she was reportedly very upset when the Duchess of Sussex suddenly published photos of her private visit to the National Theatre the same day.

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"Camilla’s work is very important to her and her decision to highlight the scourge of domestic violence at the 10th ­anniversary of Women of the World was a carefully thought-out plan," an unnamed well-placed palace said, per The News. "Over the last four years, she has worked tirelessly, mostly behind the scenes but to great effect, to use her ­platform and personal experiences to highlight the issue and help sufferers."

The tipster continued, "Of course, it was known Harry and Meghan would be doing engagements this week, some privately, but everyone was in agreement that Camilla’s speech should take precedence. ­Unfortunately some people had other ideas."

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Megha Markle Also Accused Of Stealing Kate Middleton's Thunder

This week, Markle was also accused of attempting to steal the limelight from her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Sussex has been missing in the past months. She didn't even join her husband, Prince Harry, at the Superbowl LVI.


However, when the Duchess of Cambridge was doing her solo royal tour to Denmark, a photo of Markle dining out with Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank made rounds online. Some speculated that it was a PR move to steal Middleton's thunder. However, some netizens also believed it was just a coincidence.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Meghan Markle, Camilla and the other members of the royal family.

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