MCU Hercules Actor Brags He Could Beat Chris Hemsworth’s Thor via Two Ways

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Despite falling under the same umbrella, superheroes possess their own distinctive qualities that make them stronger than others. Last year, Thor: Love and Thunder’s post-credits scene introduced the fans to Brett Goldstein’s Hercules as he threatens to kill Chris Hemsworth’s Thor as a promise to his father, Zeus (Russell Crowe). To continue his warning, the MCU newcomer shared two ridiculous ways he claimed he could beat the God of Thunder.

The movie’s credit cookie is to tease the future encounter between the two Marvel gods in upcoming MCU installments. In a recent interview with Happy Sad Confused, Goldstein weighed in on the impending fight between his Hercules and Thor, dropping two ways he thinks he can emerge victorious.

“He’s a big boy isn’t he, with all humility, he’s a big boy. But does he have massive muscles? Yes, he does. Wait, hang on a second. Does he have incredible unbelievable charisma? Yes. Does he have the ability to look like a god? Yes... Body hair. Maybe that’s the way I beat Thor... Yeah, he’s not a swearer. He wouldn’t know what to do. It’d freak him out.” he explained.

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The Ted Lasso star may be using humor to keep Thor from finding out about his plans to beat him up, but MCU fans know that this upcoming battle will not include body hair or cursing, as the Olympian god is powerful in his own right, but Marvel's big-league Asgardian hero is not easily defeated so a struggle will surely be evident.

In the comics, Hercules and Thor have the same dominating abilities, which is expected to translate in the MCU. The Olympian gods’ power is no different from the Asgardians. Both heroes have superhuman strength as their primary ability, with Hercules once being strong enough to lift the entire planet.

In the past, Hercules has even joined forces with Thor, and their combined power has destroyed planets. The Lion of Olympus has extraordinary strength, including invulnerability and regeneration. He is indeed immortal, and in Thor: Love and Thunder, fans have seen him wield powerful weapons such as the Golden Mace.

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MCU fans might be so eager to witness the epic fight between Hercules and Thor, but good things come to those who wait as their destined encounter's exact date remains unknown. If Marvel decides to produce Thor 5, that would wind up the battle between the commanding gods.

If not, the fight between Hercules and Thor could take place in Avengers: Secret Wars. The possibility of Goldstein and Hemsworth's characters not squaring up to each other is also up for discussion because they can easily just team up to save the universe, as they did in the comics.

Thor: Love and Thunder is available to watch on Disney+.


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