Mayans MC Season 4 Spoilers, News & Update: Whatever Happened To Holland Roden's Erin Character?

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Emily has been hiding out during Mayans MC Season 4, frightened that Miguel Galindo will discover her and her son. Emily's sister Erin had been helping her in maintaining her low profile, but things changed in Episode 9. Here's everything you need to know about Erin's fate and the actress who portrays her.

Erin finds herself in Danger in Mayans MC Season 4

Holland Roden, who plays Erin on Mayans MC, joined the cast in Season 3. She plays Emily's younger sister. Miguel Galindo asks Erin to support her sister in a difficult situation. Roden noted in a 2021 interview that she has a lot of questions regarding her Mayans MC character.


“She rides the line of unpredictable and wild and wants that adventure and does not have the best decision-making skills and doesn’t create the best relationships in life, but there’s still a heart inside of her. You can tell she really loves her sister,” she said.

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Things look very different in Mayans MC Season 4. Emily works as a waitress, and her son lives with Erin. She is scared about Galindo finding them and has given her sister detailed instructions on how to flee the country without her if necessary. However, in Episode 9, it was not Emily who was in peril.

Erin’s presumed death in Mayans MC Season 4

Emily has decided to flee in Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 9. She tells Erin to leave with her son and promises to return in a few days if she isn't being followed. Erin is terrified, but Emily assures her that she is fearless and the toughest person she knows.

Unfortunately, things do not go according to plan. Emily makes several unsuccessful attempts to contact Erin. Instead, her phone is in the hands of a frightening-looking man with blood on his hands. In one scene, he closes a door while a nursery rhyme plays. Then he enters the next room. Erin is heard pleading, and suddenly a gunshot is heard.

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Erin presumably died in Episode 9 despite the fact that fans didn't see her die. The main question now is where Cristobal is.

The most plausible reason was given by a Reddit user who said, “Galindo’s son was staying with Emily’s sister. The bodyguard was there to take Galindo’s son back.” ,

In what appears to be a sad ending for Erin, we’re going to assume from here on out, that we won’t be seeing Roden’s character in Mayans MC Season 4.

New episodes of Mayans MC Season 4 air Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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