Marvel Studios' She-Hulk Series Debuts New Series Logo

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Comic book fans were expecting huge MCU announcements at Disney+ Day and boy, did Marvel Studios deliver all the goods. Aside from the previously announced Marvel projects the House of Mouse's namesake streaming service will exclusively be carrying, a few more shows have been added and confirmed. Speaking of previously announced offerings, the upcoming She-Hulk series top-billed by Tatiana Maslany just got a massive change ahead of its expected 2022 debut.

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Credit: Marvel

Now, before you guys freak out, we're making it clear right off the bat that the said change has nothing to do with the show's cast or plot. Shockingly enough, Marvel Studios has decided to update the She-Hulk logo and it looks like they've officially axed the supposed logo which was unveiled at the Disney Investor Day last year.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

The new design is a far cry from the previous logo which definitely had a comic book vibe going on. Now, it looks much sleeker and I guess more appropriate for the theme they're trying to go for but the MCU fandom seems to be on the fence about it. Some even think it's a downgrade from what we were initially presented. Check out some of the reactions here:

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I gotta say, I'm also not the biggest fan of the show's brand new logo and it's not like the original one needed fixing. Still, I'm ecstatic about this project especially after hearing the rumors that it will set up World War Hulk. The real question is, when are we going to get our first official look at the series? Assuming it does in fact drop via Disney+ next year, we should've gotten at least a teaser by now.

No other details about She-Hulk have been officially announced.

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