Marvel Studios Exec Teases New Update on Nova MCU Project

Nova (2007) #9 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics

Nova (2007) #9 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Studios executive Brad Winderbaum recently opened up about the progress of the long-gestated Nova live-action MCU project.

For the past few years, a Nova project has been in the works at Marvel Studios that will finally introduce the fan-favorite hero in the MCU after years of clamoring from fans.

So far, the project remains in development as there is no casting made yet for the role. There has also been confusion about whether the project is going to be a TV series or a theatrical movie.

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Brad Winderbaum Shares Latest Update on Nova Proje Progress on Nova Project

In a recent interview, Winderbaum provided an update on the development of the Nova project and seemingly teased that it is going to be part of the MCU television slate.

He also shared his excitement over the project as he is a fan of the Richard Rider iteration of the character.

"It's new territory for us, developing more shows than we produce. Nova certainly is exciting to us, we've got some great ideas simmering. I think there's a lot of potential there. I love Nova, also, from the comics, especially the Richard Rider era... we'll see what happens," the Marvel Studios executive said.

"Like you said, there's only so many release slots in the schedule, but we want to make sure everything we make is as good as it could possibly be. But I will say that is a particular project we are excited about and excited about developing."

We've heard recently that Marvel Studios is slowing down on their TV output as they are only planning to release two shows per year which likely explains why they are taking time on developing the Nova project.

Despite the long wait, it is still great to hear an assurance that the project remains in the works and fans just need to be patient for now as there is no doubt that it will eventually come to fruition at some point.

For now, fans should watch out for any potential news and updates in the coming months regarding the development of the long-gestated project.

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