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Marvel Finally Reveals Star-Lord's Secret Sister

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Before the premiere of The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special in two days, Disney+ today released two new episodes of Marvel Studios: Legends where they showed recaps of Mantis and Drax's journey in the MCU before the events of the special. Most fans are already familiar with the characters at this point especially since we've already seen what they went through in past films.

However, one of the new episodes unveiled a shocking revelation about Peter Quill/Star-Lord's familial lineage that changes what we know about him. Up to this point, there has been some mystery about his secret sister and fans have theorized for years about who it might be.

Now, as reported by The Direct, the Mantis episode of Legends revealed that the beloved character is indeed the daughter of Ego and the half-sister of Star-Lord through a deleted scene from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 that is part of the recap.

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During the moment, Drax asked Mantis why she doesn't want to tell Peter Quill about their sibling connection. Mantis simply responded with, "Our only connection is the source of his greatest shame. I think not."

Considering that the scene is part of an official MCU recap, it means that it is now included in the canon of the franchise and thus confirms that the two characters have a familial connection, which is what some fans have also been theorizing for years ever since Mantis' debut.

It also poses a question about why the scene was included in the recap and whether it is an indication that either the Holiday Special or Vol. 3 will finally address the characters' connection and acknowledge it officially. Either way, this is a potential game-changer for both of them and it changes their background and history as we know at this point.

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special premieres this Friday on Disney+. You can check more details about it here.


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