Mark Hamill Hates Being Reminded of His Viral Gold Jumpsuit Photo

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Credit: Lucasfilm

We all know for a fact that the Star Wars franchise features some of the most intricate and recognizable costumes in the history of film. Now, you have may have heard of this long-standing rumor about an "unused" gold costume allegedly intended for Luke Skywalker that has been the subject of debate within the fandom.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

The alleged costume in question is a silly-looking gold jumpsuit with flared sleeves that apparently, Hamill wore on a German variety television program back in the 1980s. Photos of Hamill wearing the costume have been all over the internet for years but it gained new attention last year after rumors spread on social media that Luke Skywalker himself nearly donned the costume in the original trilogy.

The rumor has since been debunked but that didn't stop Star Wars fans from posting it and poking fun at Hamill every chance they could. In fact, one fan unearthed a brand new image of Hamill wearing the outfit and it turns out, it even had a goofy, astronaut-esque helmet.

Unsurprisingly, the Star Wars veteran has become so sick of seeing the viral photo, so much so that all he could reply to the post was a GIF image of Luke during the jaw-dropping plot twist in The Empire Strikes Back. Check out his wacky response here:


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Thankfully, the rumors surrounding the gold jumpsuit weren't true after all because it would've been hilarious seeing Luke wearing that thing throughout the original trilogy. In an alternate universe, maybe?

Meanwhile, the complete Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.