Lars Mikkelsen Claims Someone Else was Cast to Play Live-Action Thrawn

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Credit: Star Wars

Longtime fans of the Star Wars franchise were sent into a frenzy when The Mandalorian Season 2 teased the arrival of Grand Admiral Thrawn to the live-action universe. Over the last three years, there has been serious speculation as to which actor could end up playing Thrawn in the MandoVerse but there's no denying that Star Wars Rebels voice actor Lars Mikkelsen has always been a strong contender.

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Credit: Star Wars

Reports even surfaced that Mikkelsen will in fact play the menacing villain in the standalone Ahsoka show but the actor claims there's zero truth to the rumors of him being cast as Thrawn.

In an interview with Danish outlet StreamingGuide, Mikkelsen reiterated that he's not playing Thrawn in Ahsoka, despite multiple sources confidently claiming that he's involved in the series. According to him, Lucasfilm never reached out to him for the role and someone else might have been cast for the part.

Mikkelsen said: "Well, I've heard that, but I haven't heard anything about it yet. Then they should have approached me, but they haven't. So it must be someone else, unfortunately.."

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Of course, it's hard to buy into Mikkelsen's statement because there's a good chance he's just playing coy to avoid giving anything away. After all, Star Wars actors, much like the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are all sworn to secrecy.

But if ever he's telling the truth, it would definitely be a major letdown because he fits he role to a tee. It would be baffling as well, especially considering Lucasfilm actually cast Katee Sackhoff to play Bo-Katan Kryze in live-action, a character she also voiced in the animated universe.

Star Wars' Ahsoka series is slated for release later this year on Disney+.

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