Lady Gaga Confirms Involvement on Joker 2: Folie À Deux With An Animated Teaser

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Lady Gaga Confirms Involvement on Joker 2: Folie a Deux With An Animated Teaser
Credit: Warner Bros.

Arthur Fleck is about to come back to the screens in Joker 2: Folie À Deux and if you haven't seen enough of his crazy dance moves in the first movie, an actress could spice it up on the sequel as Lady Gaga finally confirms her involvement on the movie with an animated teaser.


It has been a long time since it has been rumored that Lady Gaga would join Joaquin Phoenix on Joker 2: Folie À Deux and finally, the singer-actress confirms her involvement in the film with an animated teaser on her Twitter account. It fits considering that it is not only a movie but also a musical.


The teaser shows the silhouettes of Joker and Harley Quinn dancing, hinting that Lady Gaga could be taking the role of Harleen Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn.

In a report from TheWrap, a lot of scenes of Joker 2: Folie À Deux would be happening in Arkham Asylum. It would make perfect sense for the musical movie to involve Harleen Quinzel given that the relationship between the two happened in the asylum.


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The title of the film, Joker 2: Folie À Deux, means a psychological condition where two people close to each other share the same delusion brought by the person who has more dominance between the two and such bleeds into the psyche of the lesser dominant one which is most likely what could happen in the movie.


From the comics, this exact thing happened between Harleen Quinzel and Joker, luring her to help him escape from the asylum and she puts herself into anything that Joker wants, thus, becoming Harley Quinn.

Joker 2: Folie À Deux is set to release on October 4, 2024.