Kourtney Kardashian Gifts Fiance Travis Barker With A $200,000 Classic Car, Couple Teases Nuptials In Cabo

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While most boyfriends can expect a new pair of socks or a new shirt from their girlfriends during their birthdays, the Kardashian’s way of showing their love during their partner’s special day is on an entirely different level.

During his fiance’s birthday, Kourtney Kardashian really went all out to make his man happy. To celebrate Travis Barker’s 46th birthday, Kardashian bought him his dream car, a classic black 80s Buick, estimated to be worth around $205,000.

The former Blink-182 drummer published a post on Instagram thanking Kardashian for the gift. In his caption, Barker wrote about how his dream girl had bought him his dream car. The post showed photos of the couple posing in and around the new car, dressed in matching skeleton sweatsuits in front of the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, California.

Barker later uploaded a photo of him in the driver seat of the vintage 80’s supercar, with Kardashian by his side caressing his hand.


Much More Than The Gifts


Apart from the rare vintage Buick GNX, Kardashian also planned a trip for the couple as part of the festivities. The couple traveled to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to celebrate Barker’s birthday. The two were treated to a live mariachi band, and Barker was given a cake in front of a lavish spread of black balloons and a streamer wishing him a happy birthday.

Barker wore a black sleeveless t-shirt with a yellow skull pattern on the front. He also wore a backward black baseball cap, black jeans, and black shoes. Several chains hung around the neck of the trendy rock star when he was greeted by everyone with a happy birthday.

Kardashian also brought with them two of her three children, who she had with her ex Scott Disick. Kardashian’s children were also photographed riding horses on the beach in Cabo.

Preparing For Their Wedding

Barker and Kardashian attended a family friend’s wedding over the weekend. While at Simon Huck’s wedding, the two snapped several photos and uploaded them on social media, seemingly teasing fans of their own upcoming nuptials.

In one post, Kardashian shared several photos of her and Barker holding hands and laughing during the wedding. In another photo, the couple could be seen on their way to the chapel. Kardashian also tagged both the wedding celebrants, Huck, and his groom Phil Riportella. Barker then commented on the post, stating that it would soon be “our turn next.”

The recently engaged couple teased even more details from their vacation with a shot of a waterfall and a massive villa entrance with rainbow stained glass panes.

After nearly a year of dating, Barker and Kardashian got engaged in October. Following a stunning seaside proposal with a slew of roses and candles, the reality star said yes.

A source close to the couple said the two are now busy preparing for the wedding, and it will only be a matter of time when the two of them make it down the aisle. The source claimed that Barker absolutely adores Kardashian, and he treats her like a princess.