King Charles Admired Sarah Ferguson Prior to Her Toe-Sucking Scandal? Monarch Reportedly Wanted Princess Diana to Be More Like Fergie

Credit: Good Morning Britain/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Good Morning Britain/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles and Sarah Ferguson used to be very close. Prior to Fergie’s toe-sucking scandal, she and her former brother-in-law spent a ton of time together. They also enjoyed playing the same sport: skiing.

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Sarah Ferguson Invited By King Charles To Join The Royal Family On Christmas Day?

In his article for The Sun, author Robert Jobson talked about Sarah Ferguson and King Charles’ relationship amid reports that the latter invited the former to join the royal family in Sandringham on Christmas Day.

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife was banned from joining the royal family’s Christmas festivities for over three decades. But King Charles extending an olive branch to his former sister-in-law is in line with the true meaning of Christmas: forgiveness.

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King Charles Wanted Princess Diana To Be More Like Sarah Ferguson?

According to Jobson, King Charles and Fergie adored each other. In fact, the monarch once asked Princess Diana if she could be more like Ferguson.

“Fergie fitted in easily to royal life, something Charles admired. He used to say to his wife Diana: ‘Why can’t you be more like Sarah?’ The two women, distant cousins, were firm friends, despite attempts to pit them against each other. Fergie said: ‘She and I were the only two who really understood what it was like back in the Eighties. The pressure was ferocious and yet, together, the two of us were powerful. Not powerful in the sense of strength or importance, but in the love, we had for each other, and the way we helped each other cope,’” Jobson wrote.

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Sarah Ferguson Faced Back-To-Back Controversies Decades Ago?

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According to Jobson, Ferguson’s marriage to Prince Andrew failed to survive amid the growing pressures that they faced as a couple. And just five months after their split, Fergie’s toe-sucking scandal made headlines.

“Her marriage to Andrew could not withstand that pressure, and in 1992 they split. Then the infamous toe-sucking pictures appeared five months later and she found herself persona non grata. She further angered the Royal Family with a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. This was followed by calamity after calamity, including being caught in a newspaper sting attempting to sell access to her ex-husband for £500,000 in 2010,” Jobson wrote.

But among all the members of the royal family, Ferguson’s biggest critic was the late Prince Philip.

“Her most ferocious critic was Prince Philip, who was said to think Sarah was ‘simply beyond the pale.’ A senior courtier is alleged to have called her ‘vulgar, vulgar, vulgar.’ But Sarah is tough — her rough upbringing, with an emotionally abusive mother, made her so. She’s used to shrugging off insults, and stuck by Andrew many years after their divorce,” the author wrote.

Following Prince Philip’s death in 2021, doors opened for Ferguson to slowly but surely return to the royal fold.

“Sarah was invited — alongside Prince Andrew, her daughters, and grandchildren — to spend summer at Balmoral and given access to the Windsor archives for research of her novel, Her Heart For A Compass. Despite all that had happened, the Queen, who always liked Sarah’s vibrant personality, and appreciated her loyalty and the support she gave her favorite son,” he wrote.

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