Killing Eve Season 4 Updates: Jodie Comer Loved Getting Stabbed By Sandra Oh

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In an interview discussing what's about to go down in Killing Eve Season 4, stars Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh discussed their favorite scenes from the hit BBC show.

Killing Eve follows Eve Polastri (Oh), a British intelligence investigator, and Villanelle (Comer), an intriguing and psychopathic hired assassin, on a cat-and-mouse chase. Villanelle and Eve do not spend much time together in the majority of the series, which is part of what makes those scenes so memorable and entertaining to watch.

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When Eve and Villanelle are in the same room, there's often a tension between them that stems from Villanelle's psychopathic humor, which both bothers and intrigues Eve, as well as a romantic tension that develops over the course of the series.


Jodie Comer's Favorite Killing Eve Scene

In a recent interview with TVLine, Comer and Oh talked about some of their favorite on-screen moments together.

Comer says the scene in Killing Eve Season 1 finale where Eve stabs Villanelle is "strangely" one of her favorite scenes in the entire series. She also hinted that there will be some wonderful moments between the two characters in the future season. She remarked that there will be many "firsts in this season for the audience to see with these two women together."

The English actress said that after watching the upcoming season, people's lists of their favorite Eve and Villanelle scenes might have to be changed.

Sandra Oh’s Favorite Killing Eve Scene

Oh remembers the slow dance he shared with Comer near the end of the season, as well as the explosive argument they had on a bus near the beginning of the season, from the most recent season. The Grey’s Anatomy actress fondly recalls the scene in which she and Villanelle eat Shepherd's pie in Eve's kitchen from the first season of the show as another favorite.

What to Expect in Killing Eve Season 4


Killing Eve Seasons 1 and 2 conclude with one of the characters committing an unexpected act of violence on the other. The Season 3 finale does not continue this theme of violence, although it does end with them meeting on a bridge and parting ways once more.

This prompts the audience to believe that Eve and Villanelle have decided to part ways for good in order to rebuild their own lives, knowing that their connection is unhealthy.

Killing Eve Season 4, its final season, airs this Sunday, Feb. 27.