Killing Eve Season 4 Teaser: No Happy Endings for These Women

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Killing Eve Season 4 showrunners has sent us all leaping with excitement, dropping a teaser on the show’s official Twitter account. It’s the final season, and we’re all antsy about what’s in store for our favorite group of killer women.

It seems like they have only scratched the surface of the chaos that they’ve gotten themselves into.

Not Made for Happy Endings


In the new teaser, the voice of Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) can be heard saying: "Do you ever think what might have happened if we hadn’t done what we did?"

Then there’s a recap of the events of Season 3, before Carolyn adds: "People like us aren’t made for happy lives with happy endings."

The teaser then shows some of what to expect in Season 4, including a brief glimpse of two new female characters, one holding a cardboard box and the other carrying what appears to be a dead sheep on her shoulders.

So far, no information has been released about who these characters could be, so let the fan theories begin!

Fans are already interested to see what the new season has in store, responding to the show's tweet with many theories as well as exclamation points on the unfolding tale depicted in the teaser.

This new teaser, along with the fresh stills released earlier this month that highlighted various religious elements, has fans both worried and excited about what is in store for these individuals as the story progresses.

The clip ends with Eve on a mobility scooter while Villanelle walks beside her, with Eve asking: "Wanna ride?"


Killing Eve Season 4 Air Date

Killing Eve Season 4, which will air on BBC America on Feb. 27, 2022, appears to be leaning toward the Bonnie and Clyde dynamic that fans have been yearning for, with Sandra Oh's character Eve continuing to obsess over Jodie Comer's Villanelle.

Laura Neal, who replaces Suzanne Heathcote as head writer and executive producer, is in charge of Season 4. Season 1's head writer was Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Season 2's was Emerald Fennell of Promising Young Woman.

Sally Woodward Gentle, Lee Morris, Gina Mingacci, and Damon Thomas also executive produce alongside Neal, Waller-Bridge, and Oh.