Kengan Omega Chapter 148 Spoilers: Infighting in the Westward Faction

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Kengan Omega, the incredibly intense martial arts manga series written by Sandrovich Yabago with art by Daromeon, is returning with Chapter 148 this week, and after a 3-month time skip, fans are wondering about the next big conflict that we will see in the underground martial arts world.

Kengan Omega Ohma
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Kengan Omega Ohma

Chapter 147 of Kengan Omega helped set up the new plotlines coming in the martial arts series, and now it looks like Ohma will fight Koga in the upcoming chapter.

Here's everything you need to know about Kengan Omega Chapter 148, including spoilers, release date/time, and where to read.

Kengan Omega Chapter 148 Spoilers: Infighting in the Westward Faction

Kengan Omega Ohma
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Credit: UraSunday/ MangaOne
Kengan Omega Ohma

In the previous chapter of Kengan Omega, Narushima Koga and Hayami Masaki meet at Ohkey University, and during their friendly conversation, it was revealed that the public story claims that the death of Katsumasa, Hayami's father, was accidental. Hayami tells Koga that his uncle is running Toyo Electric Power Co. now, and he's been reliable and flexible despite lacking the charm of Hayami's father.

Koga also meets up with Tokita Ohma, and as they walk around the city, Koga asks Ohma to fight him, and Ohma looks surprised to hear his strange request.

Now that Kengan Omega Chapter 148 is out, we have major spoilers: The title of the chapter is Infighting Within the Westward Faction, and it begins with Howard Wu, the brother of Edward Wu, a.k.a. "The Conquering King", confronting his nephew.

Gilbert Wu, the son of Edward Wu, a.k.a. "The Demon of Death", tells his uncle that he will lead the Westward Faction, and that Howard is no longer wanted.

Howard says that he's the last heir of Wu Hei's memories, and that Gilbert doesn't have what it takes, and Gilbert tells Howard that he's just a moderate who's hidden behind his father, all this time.

Mikhail Wu and Richard Wu are standing beside Howard. Edgar Wu, Art Wu, Asko Wu, Willem Wu, Klaas Wu, Angelo Wu, and Bertrand Wu also are there to support Howard.

One of Gilbert's allies uses "Removed" technique but is immediately killed. It seems no one had seen that Howard used a huge weapon to kill him.

Members from both sides of the fight attack each other, and Howard says he is the heir of Wu Hei's memories and techniques.

Gilbert says that Howard will never become Wu Hei as he is being attacked, and Howard proves that he can suppress the "whistling of the wind".

Howard tells Gilbert that by the time he wakes up, he'll be in hell, and to send his regards to Eddie, but surprisingly, Howard is killed, and Gilbert says, "Sorry, Uncle. I'm afraid I've been banned from hell".

As Howard is dying, he's thinking that Gilbert is a monster, and that he might not have been so lucky if he hadn't rejuvenated.

Gilbert's ally, Willem, is the last man standing in the battle, and he tells Gilbert that he's taken down the old men but they lost the twins.

Suddenly, Gilbert's face changes, and he says sorry and that Wu Hei is a thing of the past now. It turns out that he's Edward Wu's clone.

With the loss of Howard Wu, the moderates were disbanded, and the remaining members of the Westward Faction joined Gilbert Wu. This would only cause the conflict between the Westward Faction and the Kare-Wu alliance to intensify.

Meanwhile, in a mountain area, a mysterious masked informs another mysterious man with a huge built and long hair that both Edward and Howard Wu are dead. He tells him that Gilbert wishes to speak to him, and asks if he will be seeing him connect or...

It's likely that Chapter 149 will reveal more of Gilbert's plans with the Westward Faction. We might also see Ohma and Koga's fight. It looks like Kengan Omega is currently building-up an epic conflict that will test the limits of the manga's iconic fighters.

Kengan Omega Chapter 148: When will the latest chapter come out?

Kengan Omega Ohma
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Kengan Omega Ohma

Kengan Omega is a weekly scheduled manga, so the English version of Chapter 148 is expected to release on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, around noon time EST. Kengan Omega Chapter 147 was released last week around the same schedule, so expect Chapter 148 to be released around the same time.

Where to read Kengan Omega Chapter 148?

Kengan Omega Ohma
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Credit: UraSunday & MangaOne
Kengan Omega Ohma

Kengan Omega is serialized in the Ura Sunday magazine in Japan. North America fans will be able to read Kengan Omega Chapter 148 on Kodansha Comics and Amazon Kindle.

Fans can also read the latest chapter on ComicKey.

Raw scans of Kengan Omega manga have been shared in various anime/manga websites, subreddits, and YouTube videos, but we encourage you to read from official sources.

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