Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William's Wife Reportedly Had The Perfect Response To Those Asking If She'll Have Baby No. 4, Royal Expert Claims

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Kate Middleton has been blessed with three smart and adorable children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Shortly after she gave birth to her youngest child, royal fans started asking the Duchess of Cambridge if she planned on having more kids. And now that Prince Louis is already 4 years old, royal fans are even more hopeful for Middleton to have another baby.

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Kate Middleton Doesn’t Want To Have Baby No. 4


But royal expert Richard Palmer said that it’s unlikely for Kate Middleton to have baby number four. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge has always had the best response to those who ask if she plans on adding another member of their family.

“I think no. She's 40. I know that in the last three or four months there have been a couple of times where she's talked about feeling broody again. But I also know that I've heard her say on a number of occasions, 'I think William would kill me if we had another one.' I'm going to be quite surprised if they do have another one. But who knows,” Palmer said (via Express).

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Kate Middleton Becomes Broody At The Sight Of Babies

Prior to the pandemic, Middleton met a newborn baby during one of her royal outings. At the time, she admitted that she was feeling broody at the sight of the infant. But when royal fans asked if she wanted to have more children, Middleton said that Prince William wouldn’t have the best reaction.

And just recently, the Duke of Cambridge joked that Middleton shouldn’t be surrounded by babies because seeing infants makes her want to have more children. Even if Prince William was just teasing his wife, his statement proves that he’s not keen on having a fourth child.

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Kate Middleton Stopped At Three Kids Just Like Her Parents

Meanwhile, royal commentator Nick Bullen also believes that Prince William and Middleton are done having kids. He said that it’s possible for Middleton to want to follow in her parents’ footsteps of having three children.

“I think they feel they got a pretty perfect family. Kate was always very keen to follow her parents and have that family of five. She's matched it and my own view is, that they probably will stop here. She had a really tough time with all of her pregnancies,” Bullen said.

Middleton suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during her three pregnancies. Her extreme morning sickness prevented her from making public appearances, especially during her first trimester.

And since Prince William and Middleton are helping the queen, even more, these days, it’s more unlikely for them to have baby number four.

Royal Commentator Believes There’s Hope For Prince William, Kate Middleton To Welcome Another Baby

On the contrary, royal commentator Duncan Larcombe claimed that Prince William and Middleton never really ruled out the possibility of having a fourth child.

“I don't think Kate and William have ever ruled out the possibility of baby number four. Their children really bring out the best in them and Kate is a natural mother and very doting with children. With Kate, despite her focus on her royal duty, her family still comes first. I wouldn't be surprised if they decided on another baby,” he told OK! Magazine (via The News).

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