Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife Refuses To Get Intimate With Him? Hates Future King’s Huge Bald Spot

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Kate Middleton have known each other for decades, so they most likely know what makes the other person laugh and what makes them tick. Years ago, it was revealed that one of the things that Middleton loves teasing Prince William is his hair. After all, the future king has lost a considerable number of locks in recent years.

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BBC 1 Radio star Clara Amfo told Hello! magazine how Kate Middleton made fun of Prince William’s hair when she met them at Kensington Palace.

“Kate had no qualms making fun of William’s hair situation,” Amfo revealed. “And he took that. There was a lot of banter around that, it was very funny! Prince William is the most fun royal that I’ve met. He’s got a lot of banter actually. He’s a very funny guy,” she said.

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Prince William Gets Offended When Kate Middleton Teases Him About His Hair

National Enquirer, in its Dec. 20 issue, claimed that after all these years, Prince William no longer thinks it’s funny when his wife and kids make fun of his hair.

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“He used to be a good sport when Kate and the kids teased him looking like a boiled egg, but if anyone makes that type of gag now, he’ll go into a major sulk,” an unnamed source.

But Prince William’s refusal to do something about his bald patch is, allegedly, causing problems in his wife. After all, Middleton no longer wants to be intimate with her husband because she’s turned off by his looks.

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When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge first met in college, Prince William still had thick hair. But over the years, his hair became thinner and thinner. This is due to his genes because Prince Philip and Prince Charles also have bald spots.

Kate Middleton Wants Prince William To Shave His Head

Middleton has allegedly been encouraging Prince William to do something about his hair. And her options include shaving the rest of his hair off or wearing something to cover his bald spot.

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“William is a seriously stuffy, old-fashioned soul deep down, just like his dad, and he’s decided to stick with what he has and make the most of it. Kate has tried telling him countless times how great he looked when it was a clean all-over buzz cut. But William now thinks it’s too tacky and the idea of weaves or a full-blown rug just fills him with panic,” the unnamed source claimed.

Prince William Endures The Cold Due To His Bald Spot

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Since Prince William doesn’t have much hair, the unnamed source alleged that he must be struggling in the winter because his head always feels cold. But even if this is the case, the future king is standing firm by his decision not to address his thinning hair.

“Kate doesn’t like to see him looking older than his years, and he might like it. It’s at a point now, though, where he needs to think twice – or risk his love life totally drying up,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Prince William’s Bald Spot Emerged Before His Wedding To Kate Middleton

Three years ago, People came up with a timeline focused on Prince William’s hair loss. When Prince William was still young up until he was a teenager, he had a full head of hair.

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In fact, in 2002, the Duke of Cambridge’s hair was so thick that it looked as though he was curly. But just two years later, photos of Prince William show that he started losing his hair.

In 2006, Prince William attended a World Cup soccer match in Germany and his photos show a bald spot growing on the top of his head. By 2014, Prince William’s hair became much thinner. And in 2015, it became evident that he started shaving his head.


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While it is true that Prince William lost a considerable amount of hair in recent years, there’s no proof that this affected his marriage to Middleton.

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