Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife Dubbed As ‘Duplikate?’ Duchess Of Cambridge Allegedly Copied Meghan Markle During Her Royal Tour

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Kate Middleton recently traveled to The Caribbean with Prince William for their eight-day royal tour. For their outing, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning in their outfits. But it was Middleton’s hairstyle that got some royal fans talking.

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Kate Middleton Allegedly Copied Meghan Markle’s Hairstyle

According to Express, several of Meghan Markle’s supporters accused Kate Middleton of copying the Duchess of Sussex’s hairstyle. After all, Prince Harry’s wife is known for experimenting with her different looks. Middleton, on the other hand, is more conservative when it comes to her hairstyles so she usually just dons a tight bun, a ponytail, or a half ponytail.


But when she met the Governor-General of Belize earlier this week, Middleton surprised everyone with her new hairstyle. The Duchess of Cambridge let down her long and beautiful locks, but she also tucked the sides of her hair neatly under her ear.

Markle previously donned the exact same hairstyle when she attended the Mountbatten Music Festival at the Royal Albert Hall in 2020. Now, Markle’s supporters couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the sisters-in-law’s hairstyles. And some of them even accused Middleton of copying the Duchess of Sussex.

“That hair is giving me Meghan vibes. Doesn't Kate usually have curls up to her jawline? Looks copycat to me,” one royal fan tweeted.

“#KopyKate strikes again. This is a momentous occasion - the first time #KateMiddleton has EVER had sleek hair,” another royal fan added.

A third Markle fan claimed that Middleton has been trying to be like Markle in everything that she does.

A fan page called Archie’s Servants also uploaded side-by-side photos of Middleton and Markle and accused the former of updating her hairstyle to look more like the latter.

“I’m shooketh. #CopyKate. Kopy Kate strikes again,” another Markle fan said.


“KopyKate/DupliKate has been studying Meghan's every look. What a crying shame !!” another supporter said.

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Kate Middleton’s Supporters Defend The Duchess Of Cambridge

Of course, Middleton’s supporters also came to the Duchess of Cambridge’s defense. Some of them said that there’s no reason to keep comparing the two women with each other.


Another Middleton supporter said that Markle isn’t the only person that’s allowed to sport the hairstyle.

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Kate Middleton Accused Of Copying Meghan Markle’s Fashion

However, this isn’t the first time that Middleton was accused of copying Markle. Earlier this year, the Duchess of Cambridge was also accused of copying her sister-in-law while she was at a royal engagement.


Middleton wore a camel-colored coat during her visit to the Clitheroe Community Hospital in Lancashire. And underneath her coat is a brown turtleneck. After seeing the Duchess of Cambridge, Markle’s supporters couldn’t help but notice that she opted for neutral hues for her outing. And they accused her of copying the Duchess of Sussex simply because the latter also loves neutral colors.

“Kopy Kate in her Kopy Koats. No more Coat dresses for Kitty,” a Markle supporter said at the time.

However, Middleton’s supporters said that the colors are neutral for a reason and it’s because they are easy to wear, mix, and match. And the Duchess of Cambridge has all the right to wear whatever she pleases.

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