Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William Wants To Get Pregnant By Autumn? Duchess Of Cambridge Reportedly Still Convincing Husband To Have Baby No. 4

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Kate Middleton is at the center of baby talks because of her recent revelations. The Duchess of Cambridge shared that her husband, Prince William gets worried every time she comes across a baby during a royal engagement. After all, Middleton goes home and tells Prince William that she wants to have a fourth child with him. In the past, Middleton revealed that her husband is already content with having three children, but it seems the Duchess of Cambridge wants to have another baby.

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Royal Commentator Predicts Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Baby Plans


While speaking with Closer UK, royal commentator Duncan Larcombe shared his thoughts about Middleton’s baby fever. He also predicted that the future queen consort would most likely announce her fourth pregnancy in the autumn.

“I think becoming a mom has been the making of Kate. You can see when she works with kids, she looks at home and relaxed. And I think her role as a mom with her three children is something the public loves. I certainly think she’ll have another baby. There was always talk of four, and there were rumors that the couple was trying for another in the autumn,” Larcombe said.

The royal commentator added that baby number four will be a welcome surprise for royal fans. After all, Prince William and Middleton’s family is the future of the monarchy. So, it would be exciting to see another addition to the Cambridge household especially now that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are much older.

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s Family Is The Future Of The British Monarchy


Other than Middleton’s potential baby plans, Larcombe also said that so much would be expected from the Duchess of Cambridge in the coming months. The mom of three will also be taking on more royal duties and responsibilities.


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“While it may seem that royal work – like opening a school or visiting a charity – is on a small scale, much of our country’s relationships with other countries rely on the royal visits and the diplomatic work they do. And Kate is the perfect representative for this,” Larcombe said.

“She is the key to the success of the royals in the future. William is too, but I think she makes him more popular and appealing. I think we’ll see Kate taking more responsibility and doing more solo events but also doing more with William, presenting them as a solid and reliable team. Later this year they have their Caribbean trip, so we’ll see a great example of the good they can do there,” he concluded.

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Will Kate Middleton Have Baby No. 4?

But despite all the speculations regarding Middleton and Prince William’s baby plans, it was previously revealed that the former was warned about having another child.


Before Prince Louise was born, the organization Having Kids warned the couple about having another child. The organization’s executive director and president Anne Green Carter Dillard said that having more children is not sustainable, according to Marie Claire.

But even body language expert Judi James is convinced that Prince William and Middleton’s interactions suggest that they could have a fourth child. She made the prediction last year.

“Their togetherness signals might suggest a new royal baby. Their other touches and tie signs would be more suggestive! The body language of Kate and William here suggests lockdown might have suited both their relationship as a couple and as a royal team as they appear more relaxed and in-tune than ever before. The couple’s strong mirroring traits have always given clues of a like-minded relationship but here they seem happy to use many more tie-sign gestures than usual, keeping in communication with and enjoying one another’s company via glances, shared smiles, and actual touches to allow us to glimpse more open affection and closeness,” James told Express.

As of press writing, Middleton and Prince William have not yet confirmed or denied whether they are trying for baby number four.

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