Kate Middleton Shock: Prince Harry Accuses Prince William’s Wife of ‘Stereotyping’ Meghan Markle for Being Divorced, Biracial Preventing the Royal From Welcoming Her In

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goFtDZWo6RA

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goFtDZWo6RA

Prince Harry made some serious allegations against his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. He claimed that Prince William's wife was stereotyping Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry Accuses Kate Middleton Of Stereotyping Meghan Markle

The Duke of Sussex has been doing media appearances to promote his book Spare. However, one report claims that he had accused the Princess of Wales of stereotyping his wife.

In his interview with ITV's Tom Bradby, Prince Harry claimed that Middleton stereotyped the former Suits star for being an American actress, divorced and biracial. He alleged that t prevented the royal family from "welcoming her [Markle] in."

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"Well, American actress, divorced, biracial, there's – there's all different parts to that and what that can mean, but if you are, like a lot of my family do, if you are reading the Press, the British tabloids, at the same time as living the life, then there is a tendency where you could actually end up living in the tabloid bubble rather than the actual reality," he said, Daily Mail reported.

Bradby reminded Prince Harry that he once said Middleton was the "sister you never had." Middleton and Prince Harry got along really well after Prince William introduced them to each other. The dynamics only changed when Megan Markle joined the picture.

However, Prince Harry told Bradby that while being the Prince and Princess of Wales' third wheel was "fun," he sometimes felt "slightly awkward" about it.

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Prince Harry Blames 'Fab Four' To Press And Says It Becomes 'Kate Vs. Meghan'

Prince Harry was looking forward to finding the love of his life. He admitted that he was also considering the idea of the four of them working together. However, the idea of "fab four" reportedly sparked a competition between the two couples.

"The idea of the four of us being together was always a hope for me," Prince Harry said. "Before it was Meghan, whoever it was going to be, I always hoped that the four of us would get on."

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"But very quickly it became Meghan versus Kate. And that, when it plays out so publicly, you can't hide from that, right? Especially when within my family you have the newspapers laid out pretty much in every single palace and house that is around."

Prince Harry said his brother did not dissuade him from marrying Markle. However, the heir to the throne reportedly aired some concerns, telling him it would be hard for him.

"Maybe he predicted what the British Press's reaction was going to be," Prince Harry said of Prince William.

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What Did Prince Harry Say About Kate Middleton In Spare?

Prince Harry shared many intimate incidents in his book involving Kate Middleton. He mentioned an "awkward moment" when Markle reportedly borrowed the Princess of Wales' lip gloss because she forgot hers. Middleton reportedly "grimaced" later.

He also said that Middleton and Markle had a fiery exchange over the bridesmaid dresses, and the Duchess of Cambridge had issues with Markle's wedding preparation. It reportedly left the bride-to-be "sobbing on the floor."

Prince William's brother also blamed the future king and queen consort for his controversial Nazi uniform at a 2005 costume party. According to him, they were the ones who chose it for him.

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However, elsewhere in the book, he also praised Middleton saying she was "carefee, sweet, kind." Prince Harry also said he wanted to make her laugh and he was hopeful of laughing more with her.

"I liked seeing Kate laugh. Better yet, I liked making her laugh. And I was quite good at it. My transparently silly side connected with her heavily disguised silly side," Prince Harry wrote.

"Whenever I worried that Kate was going to be the one to take Willy from me, I consoled myself with thoughts of all our future laughing fits together, and I told myself how great everything would be when I had a serious girlfriend who could laugh along with us."

Prince Harry's book Spare is already out.

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