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Kate Middleton Shock: Duchess Of Cambridge Shows Playful Side By Enjoying A Giant Slide While In Heels And It Almost Didn't Turn Out Well

Kate Middleton doesn't say no to fun. The Duchess of Cambridge slid down a giant slide during her first day in Denmark and she made it look so easy.

Kate Middleton Shoots Down A Giant Slide In Denmark

The Duchess of Cambridge is in Denmark for a two-day solo royal tour. Middleton visited the country to learn more about early childhood development because she is dedicated to helping parents and kids. She chose the kingdom of Denmark for a particular reason.

"Denmark is a beacon of best practice in its approach to the early years which values the roles of parents and results in both communities of support and government policies that underpin the best start in life," the duchess wrote in a previous Instagram post.

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On her first day, Middleton visited the Lego Foundation Play Lab in Copenhagen, Denmark. Middleton shared a clip of her as she shoot down the giant slide while in heels. The royal mom seemed to have fun as she can be seen laughing while sliding down.

However, the ride almost didn't turn out well and was close to a disaster because Middleton tumbled due to the speed, but she was quick enough to regain her balance by putting a hand on the ground and pushing herself up to stand. She was able to maintain her grace while laughing.

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Kate Middleton Praised By Netizens For Being Spontaneous

Several netizens were so impressed at watching Middleton's slide video. Many said they couldn't achieve the same landing or maintain the same pose as the Duchess of Cambridge if they would do it.

Many also gave her a thumbs up for being spontaneous. They felt Middleton's authentic laugh after she slid down and talked to the cameras.

"With that spontaneous authentic laughs, you know The Duchess of Cambridge was having fun," one commented.

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"I live in the US but I’m going to be saying 'jolly good sport,'" another wrote.

"Catherine is a pure joy to watch! And going down the slide with such elegance and sheer enjoyment has to be the highlight of the trip so far," a third royal fan added.

"Reminds me of Diana so much, the way she was great fun and up for a laugh - especially with her kids. Catherine's a fantastic mother & a brilliant Duchess.....she'll be an excellent queen too one day. She represents our country so well!" another netizen wrote.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton and the rest of the members of the royal family.
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