Kate Middleton Shares Princess Diana's Personality; Prince William's Wife Shows 'Genuine Authenticity,' Body Language Expert Says

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Credit: The Prince and Princess of Wales/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton reminds many of Princess Diana, according to a body language expert. Prince William's wife reportedly has the same personality as his late mother.

Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Like Princess Diana

The Princess of Wales had a lot of surprises for royal fans. Just recently, her supporters were amazed when Kensington Palace released a video and photos of her playing the piano for the 2023 Eurovision.

She was stunning in her blue one-shoulder gown and was every inch royal during her performance. Body language expert Darren Stanton spoke on behalf of Spin Genie, and according to him, the Princess of Wales and the late royal have in common.

Stanton said this about Middleton, per Showbiz CheatSheet:

"We see this genuine authenticity with Kate and her willingness to pursue her passion in a way that connects with the public, as well as her willingness to step outside of the box compared to other royals. She’s very comfortable in her own skin in all manners of life and we see this through her style too — we see her just as confident in her bolder more regal outfits as she is in a polo shirt and jeans, just like Princess Diana was."

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He added:

"Diana appears to be something of a role model for Kate and someone she holds in high regard. Like Diana, Kate’s personality is very much what you see is what you get. There’s no facade and she’s happy to show the public all sides of her, hidden talents and all."

Prince William's wife also honored her late mother-in-law at King Charles' coronation by wearing her south sea pearl earrings. His Majesty reportedly approved of Middleton paying homage to Diana on his special day.

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Kate Middleton, Princess Diana Share The Same Parenting Style

Prince William's mother and wife's similarities are also reportedly noticeable in their parenting styles. Both are keen on being around children.

Princess Diana was a babysitter before she married King Charles. Meanwhile, Middleton has been championing various programs for kids and parents.

Myka Meier, who trained under the royal household of Queen Elizabeth, told Us Weekly about the two royals' similarities:

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"I think what [Kate] probably has learned in a sense is how to keep her calm. For instance, Princess Diana, there [was] so much stress and so much pressure all the time. And I think we're seeing the Duchess of Cambridge follow that same path of keeping her calm, even if maybe behind closed doors [she] doesn't feel like that."

Meier also praised Middleton for doing an excellent job of practicing graciousness, which she believed was "something she took from Princess Diana's book, for sure."

Do you also remember Princess Diana whenever you see Kate Middleton?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton.


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