Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth Shock: Her Majesty Makes Prince William's Wife Laugh

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Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II share a close bond. Some sources even said the Duchess of Cambridge is one of the persons Her Majesty trusts. A body language expert examined the relationship of Prince William's wife and grandmother.

Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth Has Perfect Balance Of Respect And Friendship

The Duchess of Cambridge and Her Majesty have been spotted on multiple occasions. There were even instances when only the two of them attended an official engagement.


Body language expert Judi James weighed in on the Queen and future queen consort's relationship. According to her, they have the perfect balance of respect and friendship.

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"On a human note, the two women display signals of friendship tinged with, from Kate, a sense of respectful understanding," James said per Express.

She added that they picked each other out for "moments of shared fun" when they attended royal engagements. Also, they visibly get along well and "really do get on with one another."

"Their bouts of eye contact are unusually prolonged, signaling a warmth and keenness to communicate," James continued.

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Queen Elizabeth II Makes Kate Middleton Laugh


The expert also pointed out that the Queen is the leader within the relationship. At the same time, the monarch ensures that the duchess is comfortable and having fun when they are together.

"Their body poses and movements when they are laughing together seem to suggest it’s the Queen making Kate laugh rather than the other way round," James added.

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Meanwhile, James pointed out how Middleton treats the Queen as her boss. The celebrity mom of three was even delighted when the Queen visited her garden project. Prince William's wife is also careful to never cross the boundaries despite their tight relationship.

"Importantly, Kate always treats the Queen in a way that HM seems to appreciate from her daughter Princess Anne, too," James said.

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Prince William's Grandmother Queen Elizabeth Trusts His Wife Kate


James is not the only source who notices the Queen and Middleton's close bond. An unnamed source spoke with Us Weekly's "Hot Hollywood" podcast in October and shared how the duchess has proven herself trustworthy to the reigning monarch.

"Over time, Kate has proved to the queen that she can be trusted and they developed a great relationship," the insider told the outlet. "Kate has become a fearless public figure and knows protocols like the back of her hand, Elizabeth feels confident that Kate will make a great queen."

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The insider added that Middleton was nervous around the Queen when she was still a new member of the firm. She was also desperate to impress Her Majesty. However, Middleton has grown to be a solid and confident senior member of the royal family 10 years after she joined the firm.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, and other members of the royal family.

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