Kate Middleton, Prince William to Hold Back Baby No. 4 Plans? Cambridges Will Reportedly Subject Themselves to Criticisms if They Have Another Child

Credit: UK Documentary/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: UK Documentary/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton admitted that she's always feeling broody around kids. The Princess of Wales also did not deny that she wanted more kids. New reports claimed that Prince William might give in to his wife's wishes. However, a fourth baby will subject them to criticism.

Kate Middleton And Prince William Will Likely Receive Criticism From Green Lobby For Baby No. 4, Royal Editor Claims

ITV News royal editor Chris Ship weighed in on the reports that the Prince and Princess of Wales could have another child after Prince Louis. In his opinion, having another child could lead to criticisms from the "green lobby" since the heir to the throne has been campaigning more and more on environmental matters.

"William is campaigning more and more on environmental matters," Ship said, Express reported. "I'm sure William might open himself up to some criticism from that, sort of, green lobby if he were to have a fourth."

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However, the royal expert pointed out that the decision is up to the royal couple. He believed that it's possible for the Cambridges to have another baby if they wanted to.

"It's entirely possible, you know, Kate might have a fourth," Ship continued. "Although, you know, remember William and Kate are in their forties."

In his personal prediction, he felt that the royal couple is "done with three." However, he reiterated that it's a "private matter" and if Prince William and Middleton wanted an addition to their brood, "I'm sure they will."

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Kate Middleton May Have Convinced Husband Prince William For Baby No. 4?

Earlier this week, an anonymous source spoke with  Us Weekly and gave an update about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's family. The insider claimed that the Princess of Wales has been wanting to have another baby and her husband seems to have agreed.

"Kate has been talking about wanting another baby for a while now," the tipster claimed. "She has always wanted four children, and while William was originally happy with three, she has managed to twist his arm."

Prince William has already said that he was happy with their three children. However, the insider claimed that even the royal couple's friends felt that he had a change of heart.

"[Their pals] wouldn't be surprised if we'll be hearing an announcement early next year," the source added.

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Middleton has admitted that she felt broody around babies. When she visited the University of Copenhagen earlier this year, she shared how her husband feels when she's around babies.

"It makes me very broody," the princess was quoted by People as saying when she met the parents and babies. "William always worries about me meeting under 1-year-olds. I come home saying, 'Let's have another one.'"

Will Prince William and Kate Middleton have another baby? What do you think?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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