Kate Middleton, Prince William Shock: Cambridges Reportedly Moving To Queen Elizabeth's Windsor Estate After Spending Millions In Kensington Palace Renovation

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have been rumored to be moving to a new place. According to a new report, they are moving into one of the properties on the Queen's Windsor estate this summer.

Kate Middleton And Prince William Will Swap Houses?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge raised eyebrows amid reports that they are moving to Windsor. Royal experts are taken aback because the future king and queen consort had just spent millions on renovating their apartment in Kensington Palace, Express reported.


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"I was told personally and categorically by a senior aide to the Duke when millions of public money was spent on KP and Apt 1A for the Cambridges’ that it/KP would be their base when William became heir to the throne," royal expert Robert Jobson tweeted. "Is that now changing with the move to Berkshire?"

The outlet noted that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent £4.5 million of taxpayers' money for the two-year renovation of Apartment 1a. Among the things that were done were the major roof repairs and removal of asbestos from the premises.

Prince William and Middleton also privately paid for a second family kitchen to supplement the "working kitchen" used for official events.

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Kate Middleton And Prince William Got The Netizens' Support

While the royal experts seemed to question Prince William and Kate Middleton's move, the Cambridge fans were quick to defend them.


"So it was okay for Harry to have his office/base at BP and a home at Windsor but not William to have his office/base at Kensington and home at Windsor? And yet as an heir, William is far more important!" one fan commented.

"Fact Check. The figure didn’t run to millions. A residence that hadn’t been occupied for 20 or renovated for 40 yrs before that, needed a new roof, plumbing & electrics. Way less than £2.4 m shelled out for Frogmore apparently. And they actually lived in it," another added.

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"It will still be their London base. Why such a negative spin against them. I'm disappointed at the tone," another netizen wrote.

Meanwhile, another netizen suggested that the Cambridge family's move could probably be due to the Queen's mobility problems.

"It's quite possible no one foresaw Her Majesty's mobility issues," Patricia Watts said. "Maybe The Queen asked William to consider the move...no one knows all the factors."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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