Kang the Conqueror Cast in Ant-Man 3

While they may not be the highest-grossing films in the MCU, the Ant-Man movies are still a fun addition to the franchise. With a third movie underway, we finally know who the main villain is and who's going to play him.

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Credit: Marvel Comics, HBO

As reported by Deadline, Jonathan Majors (Lovecraft Country, Da 5 Bloods) has been cast as Kang the Conqueror in the third Ant-Man movie. We don't have that many details on Kang's role yet, but I think he's an interesting choice to play the film's villain, especially counting that Ant-Man is responsible for introducing time travel to the MCU.

You can catch Majors here in the trailer for Lovecraft Country:

In the comics, Kang was a time-traveler from the future who had used his knowledge of the past to rule it. Using Dr.Doom's time travel tech, he went back to ancient Egypt and ruled as Pharaoh Rama-Tut before he was stopped by the Fantastic Four. He was also an enemy of the Young Avengers and it was revealed that Iron Lad was a young Kang trying to change his future.

With Ant-Man generally being a comedy franchise, I'm curious about what Marvel plans to do with Kang. Are they going another direction and making the movie serious? You'd think a funny movie needed a funny villain, and I had my money set on the introduction of MODOK. I guess Kang can introduce himself to the universe organically, and he can also be the bridge of which to introduce the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom.

A release date hasn't been set for Ant-Man 3, but you can catch Majors in Lovecraft Country on HBO.

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