Johnny Depp Shock: Amber Heard Will Reportedly Barely Appear In Aquaman 2; Netizens Want Emilia Clarke To Replace Jason Momoa's Leading Lady Instead Of Reducing Mera's Screen Time

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's trial for his defamation lawsuit against the latter is still ongoing. Amid their legal battle, there are reports that Heard will have less screen time in Aquaman 2, prompting fans to urge Warner Bros. to just replace her with Emilia Clarke because Mera is a significant character in the comic book.

Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard: Is Aquaman 2 Star Feeling The Consequences Of Legal Battle With Ex-Husband?

Amber Heard is in hot water amid her legal battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, who is suing her for defamation for a 2018 op-ed about being a domestic abuse survivor. Depp alleged that even if it didn't mention his name, the article was about their relationship and him, and it ruined his career and reputation. It seemed that Heard is taking the heat this time because there are reports that she will barely be felt in the Aquaman sequel because she would only appear in less than 10 minutes.


"I hear #AmberHeard has less than 10 min of screentime in #Aquaman2," film journalist Grace Randolph tweeted, citing an unnamed source. According to TMZ, Randolph is "known to get solid comic book movie scoops."

While many do not want Heard to be part of the film, others are sad about the short screen time because Mera is a significant character. Some netizens suggested to just recast the character if the issue is Heard.

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"It bums me out Mera is getting screwed over like this. She is an amazing character that has such an interesting backstory to the whole Aquaman mythos," one fan commented. "If Amber was the [problem, they should] probably just recast. It’s gonna feel weird 'cause her character seemed more in charge and a leader in 'Aquaman 1.'"

In 2018, director James Wan, who directed the movie, spoke about how powerful Mera is and how significant she is in the film. The director even joked that Mera is more powerful than Jason Momoa's titular character Aquaman.

"Amber and I would always joke that the movie should be called The Adventures of Mera With Her Sidekick Aquaman," Wan told The Hollywood Reporter. "She has way more superpowers."

Randolph did not provide further details on whether Heard's screen time was reduced due to the recent development or it was written that way before the production began.

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Aquaman Fans Want To Drop Johnny Depp's Ex Amber Heard And Have Emilia Clarke As The New Mera

Due to the rumors that Amber Heard will have less screen time and will barely be present at the film, the call to replace her with Emilia Clarke has been reignited. Fans are calling Warner Bros. to drop Heard and cast Clarke as the new Mera opposite Jason Momoa.

Clarke and Momoa worked together on HBO Max's Game of Thrones, and the pair had great chemistry. Fans are convinced that they would do great together in Aquaman 2.

"I think Emilia Clarke SHOULD be new Aquaman's Mera, her dynamic with Jason Momoa could be MORE POWERFUL and FUNNY!!" one commented on Twitter.

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"Emilia Clarke would've made a great Mera!!! And marketing wise, to see her and Jason Momoa again in one frame???? It's a yes for me," another added.

"Emilia Clarke could be the best Mera with amazing chemistry with Jason Momoa," a third wrote.


"This is the Princess Mera everyone wants to see. With Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke, it would be a box-office hit," a fourth netizen added.

"If she has 10 minutes of screen time I’m sure they can do reshoots with a different actress (Emilia Clarke) it would be smart of them to make that investment since even 10 minutes of her being on the screen can cause significant damage to the films box office," another opined.

However, Momoa, Heard, and the rest of the Aquaman 2 cast had already wrapped up filming in January. The third film is yet to be announced, but there are rumors that it's already in the works.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be released on March 17, 2023.

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