Jessica Simpson Sporting Pouty New Lips, Fans Think She Ruined Her Beautiful Face

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Jessica Simpson's latest photo showing off her "new" lips has created quite a stir online, with fans either fawning or freaking out about her new looks.

Simpson published a sweet new post on social media, celebrating her 11th year engagement anniversary with her husband Eric Johnson on Wednesday. However, most fans likely forget in seconds what the post was about as they were too focused on Simpson's "very plump" new lips.

The Internet Can't Stop Commenting About Her Lips


The 41-year-old singer cuddled up to her husband in the photo, pouting her clearly recently done new lips. While the photo was sweet and all, fans just couldn't stop talking about Simpson's new lips.

Some fans weren't too keen on what Simpson had done to her face, with some asking her why she had changed her lips in the first place. One fan commented, asking Simpson what she had done to her beautiful face. Another commented on how Simpson's lips her now nearly touching her nose because of how plum it was now.

A fan posted a comment on the post, stating that she nearly wasn't able to recognize Simpson because of her new look. Another commented that Simpson ruined her "natural" look, while another told the Sweet Kisses singer to "chill" on her plastic surgery.

Going Back On Her Word On Not To Get Any Work Done


In the past, Simpson said she was not willing to go under plastic surgery. However, she did admit to getting two tummy tucks to fix her figure. In her autobiography, titled Open Book, Simpson said she went under the knife for two tummy tucks in 2015.

The operation landed her in the hospital for nine days because she got an infection following the second tummy tuck. Simpson said she got colitis after the second operation, and she was vomiting so much that she almost tore her sutures. She said that doctors were even considering giving her a blood transfusion during that time.

Simpson said in her book that she only got the operation because she wanted to get rid of her loose skin and stretch marks following her back-to-back pregnancies. She said she was ashamed of her body during that time, and she was even ashamed to show her husband her body. Simpson said she always had a t-shirt on, and she was reluctant to show Johnson her naked body.

Apart from the tummy tucks, Simpson only admitted to getting red light therapy, which she says helped her tighten her skin. In her book, Simpson even said that she was against getting Botox injections just to look young. She added that she didn't want the injections because she might lose the expressions on her face.

"I got really into red light therapy. I went down a rabbit hole on this amazing facialist, and I was like, 'Okay, I need something to tighten my skin; I just turned 40. I don't want to get Botox; I like my expressions. That's what makes me who I am," Simpson said in her book.

Given the statements in her book, fans were understandably shocked when she posted the picture of herself with her new lips. Placing her new photo beside her old photos really does show how much her overall face has changed because of her bigger lips.