Jennifer Lopez Reportedly 'Livid' And 'Pissed' At Ben Affleck For Trashing His Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner, Feels 'Dragged' Into Family Drama

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Jennifer Lopez was not pleased after her boyfriend Ben Affleck dissed his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, in his interview with Howard Stern. Apparently, she allegedly felt that she was dragged into their family drama when she and Affleck already agreed to never talk about their personal lives in a private interview.

Jennifer Lopez Livid At Ben Affleck For Jennifer Garner Family Drama

Ben Affleck made headlines after his appearance on The Howard Stern Show Tuesday. His statement about his marriage with Garner raised eyebrows because he seemingly blamed her for her drinking problems. It turned out that even his current girlfriend was not impressed by it.


"[Lopez] is pissed," an unnamed source told Page Six. "She is getting pulled into this because she is dating him. She doesn’t want to be dragged into this."

The insider added, "She has met Jennifer Garner. She is trying to get to know her and Ben’s kids. It’s reckless and cavalier of him."

A separate source told the same story with Radar Online. The Hustlers actress was allegedly fuming during his cringe interview with Stern.

"Jennifer (Lopez) is livid," another anonymous source told the outlet. The singer was allegedly fuming because they already agreed not to talk about their personal lives, so he broke his promise when he opened up about his relationship with Garner.

"They both agreed that they wouldn’t talk about their private lives in any depth after what happened last time they were together," the source said.

The insider added, “It was all carefully planned that they would do pix together, but that’s all,” we’re told. “At events, the press is told ‘no questions about JLO and Ben. Only questions about the film. Now he shot off his big mouth and dragged her into it.”

The source added that Lopez doesn't tolerate Affleck's "sloppy s--t" because she is "buttoned up" and she has her s--t together.

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Jennifer Garner Working On Having A Relationship With Ben Affleck's Kids, Ex

Jennifer Lopez was allegedly planning to slowly blend with his family — his ex Jennifer Garner and their three children Violet, 16, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9.

"Jen (Lopez) has been working really hard to build a relationship with Ben’s children. They are going to read the quotes from their dad trashing their mom. Jen has also worked really hard to have a relationship with Jennifer (Garner). Ben just blew that up too," the insider added.

In the interview, Affleck said he would still be drinking if he stayed married to Garner. His statement raised some eyebrows because many felt he blamed his marriage to Garner for his drinking problems.

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Ben Affleck Addressed The Backlash Over The Interview

The Tender Bar actor received an intense backlash for his statement. He addressed the criticism when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night.


According to Affleck, his words were taken out of context and blamed "clickbait" for reporting verbatim quotes, which was only part of a statement which meant otherwise.

"[They] had literally taken the conversation that I had had for two hours and made it seem as if I was saying the exact opposite of what I had said," Affleck explained.

"It said that I had blamed my ex-wife for my alcoholism, that I was trapped in this marriage — just made me out to be the worst, most insensitive, stupid, awful guy," Affleck said about the reports. "That’s not true. I don’t believe that — it’s the exact opposite of who I am, what I believe, and I would never want my kids to ever say a bad word about their mom."

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