Jennifer Lopez Heartbreak: Ben Affleck Stalling His Engagement To Actress? Actor Has Doubts About Their Relationship

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have only been together for a few months, and it’s unlikely for them to already be talking about an engagement. Right now, the A-listers are also busy with their careers because they are filming their respective movies in two different locations.

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Lopez is in Canada while Affleck is in Texas most of the time. But despite the distance, a source claimed that the couple tries their best to see each other as often as they could. In fact, Lopez and Affleck celebrated Thanksgiving together, which could be seen as a sign that their relationship is going strong.

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Jennifer Lopez Waiting For Ben Affleck To Propose


Heat UK, in its Dec. 11 issue, claimed that Lopez and Affleck’s relationship is not all rainbows and unicorns. After all, the A-listers are not on the same page when it comes to the future of their relationship.


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An unnamed source claimed that Lopez wants to tie the knot with Affleck, but the Batman v Superman is obviously stalling their engagement.

“It’s telling that Ben seems to be stalling on the engagement even though they already discussed wedding plans. Basically, he’s giving himself time to ask the question, ‘Do I really want to do this?’ and only time will tell if he thinks it’s the right thing to do,” the unnamed source said.

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Ben Affleck Thrilled To Be Away From Jennifer Lopez

The unnamed source added that the distance between Lopez and Affleck gave the couple different realizations. Affleck felt happier to be away from Lopez because he doesn’t have to adhere to her strict schedule. The latter, on the other hand, allegedly, missed her boyfriend even more.


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“For the first time in months, he doesn’t have to get up at 4 a.m. for an intense workout, he can eat what he likes and isn’t in the presence of someone who’s constantly tapping through Instagram or worrying about their image. He’s still into Jen, but he needed some space, basically,” the unnamed source claimed.

Jennifer Lopez Wants More Time With Ben Affleck

Lopez, on the other hand, wants to always be around Affleck. And seeing each other every 10 days is not enough for the Marry Me star.


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“She wants and expects Ben to be by her side as often as he can and doesn’t like the direction this is headed. It’s unchartered territory for Jen to be in, and the big question is whether she’ll issue Ben with an actual ultimatum or just hope he gets with the program and puts a ring on her finger,” the unnamed source concluded.

Jennifer Lopez Competing With Jennifer Garner

This isn’t the first time that Lopez is rumored to be forcing Affleck to propose to her. Last month, Life & Style claimed that Lopez’s competitive side came out when she found out that Jennifer Garner and John Miller were already engaged.


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Lopez allegedly forced Affleck to propose to her because she wants to get married before Garner and Miller.

“Even though they only got back together six months ago, Jennifer has waited 19 years to marry Ben, and the last thing she wants is the long engagement she had with Alex Rodriguez because look how that turned out,” an unnamed source claimed.

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To Wed Or Not To Wed?

However, both publications were unable to provide proof that Lopez and Affleck are in a rush to wed or that Garner and Miller are already engaged.


In September, Us Weekly claimed that Lopez and Affleck are not in a rush to settle down because they know that they’ll be endgame no matter what.

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“They feel so blessed to be living this real-life fairy tale, and will be getting engaged—then married—down the line. Without any shadow of a doubt,” a source said.

In July, another source told E! News that Lopez and Affleck are committed to each other. However, the unnamed source also said that Lopez and Affleck do not feel the need to get married because they’ve been there before.

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“[They are] not needing to get married again. They have been meshing their lives and families and don't feel the need to get engaged yet or even tie the knot. They have both been there and don't feel it's necessary. They are both very secure within their relationship, and Ben worships her. It's truly meant to be and everyone around them thinks they are a perfect match,” the source said.

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