Jennifer Garner Shock: Ben Affleck’s Ex-Wife Struggling To See How Happy He Is With Jennifer Lopez? Seeks Jennifer Aniston’s Advice

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck share a unique bond with each other. Even though their marriage didn’t work out, both of them said in separate interviews that they will always be linked because of their three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

Jennifer Garner and Affleck co-parent their kids. And they also reunite frequently to celebrate special occasions together. The exes have also moved on from each other, but there are still ongoing rumors suggesting that the Alias star is struggling.

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Jennifer Garner Struggling To Accept Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez’s Relationship

Closer UK, in its Dec. 15 issue, claimed that Garner finds it hard to accept that Affleck is now dating Jenifer Lopez. The mom of three doesn’t want to get back together with her ex-husband because she’s now dating John Miller. But it still, allegedly, sucks to see photos of Affleck and Lopez in the news all the time.

An unnamed source said that Garner found an unlikely ally in Jennifer Aniston, who also went through a similar dilemma years ago. The Friends star just announced her divorce from Brad Pitt when the actor started dating Angelina Jolie.


Jennifer Aniston Has Been A Wonderful Support System For Jennifer Garner

As such, Aniston is trying her best to be a good friend to Garner because she understands how difficult it is to see an ex-husband with another woman.

“Their situations are different, as Ben’s reunion with J.Lo came three years after his divorce from Jennifer, but it’s hard as there’s the worry he’d pined for her during their 10-year marriage,” an unnamed source said.


Aniston has, allegedly, been telling Garner to seek therapy during this challenging time because she also sought professional help when Pitt and Jolie started dating.

“Jen has helped Jennifer process it all, encouraging her to seek therapy like she did and helping her to not torture herself by dwelling on the past. She’s also urged her to meditate to get into a calming state of mind. She’s told Jennifer to call her whenever she feels frustrated or just wants to cry. Jennifer’s really appreciated having Jen there to vent when she needs,” the unnamed source claimed.

Jennifer Garner Grateful To Jennifer Aniston

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Other than therapy and meditation, Aniston has also, allegedly, encouraged Garner to keep her options open, just like what she’s doing.


“Jennifer has been so touched by Jen’s support and feels closer and connected t her as she’s one of the only people who can really relate to what she’s going through. Watching the strength and dignity Jen’s maintained throughout everything has been an inspiration for Jennifer. Jen’s urged her to start dating and said it could be even more fun if they do it together. Ultimately, Jennifer wants Ben to be happy, so with Jen’s support and the distraction of dating, she’s hoping both of them can find happiness,” the unnamed source concluded.

Aniston and Garner reportedly became good friends after they were introduced to each other by Reese Witherspoon. In fact, on Thanksgiving Day, Garner shared a hilarious clip on Instagram where she voiced a famous scene from Friends.

Aniston saw the video and shared it on her Instagram account, which proved just how close the two A-listers are. It is possible that Garner and Aniston are making headlines for this reason.

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Jennifer Garner Happy For Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez

However, there’s no proof that Garner is struggling to see her ex-husband canoodle with Lopez in public. According to Entertainment Tonight, Garner is supportive of Affleck and Lopez’s relationship.

“Jen Garner and Marc Anthony are continuing to be supportive and there doesn't seem to be any ill will across the board. They all just want what's best for each other and their families,” a source said.


Jennifer Garner, John Miller’s Relationship Is Serious

There’s also no indication that Aniston has been encouraging Garner to date around. After all, the 13 Going on 30 actress is already dating Miller.


According to Us Weekly, Garner and Miller’s relationship is very serious.

“They are totally set on a long-term future together. They’ve taken their time to get this committed. They’re on the same page and understand where things stand,” another source said.

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