Jennifer Aniston Shock: Friends Star Can’t Stop Thinking About Brad Pitt? Turns To Cannabis For Comfort

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have moved on from each other a long time ago, but their fans are still hoping for a reunion.

Both Aniston and Pitt previously said that they are good friends, but some publications are insisting that there’s something going on between the two but they are just keeping things as low-key as possible.

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Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Smoked Pot Together

National Enquirer, in its Dec. 27 issue, claimed that Jennifer Aniston turned to pot because this was one of her and Pitt’s favorite past times when they were still together.

“Some of Jen’s happiest memories of her marriage to Brad are when they would stay in on a Friday night, smoke weed, and watch a movie, ordering in pizza for dinner. She has very evolved views on the subject,” the unnamed source said.


Jennifer Aniston Seeks Comfort From Cannabis

The unnamed source added that Aniston used to drink cocktails to help relieve herself from stress. But the Friends star allegedly shelved alcohol in favor of cannabis.

“Jen leans on the esoteric products – the gummies and CBD balms and such – but she’ll also smoke a fat joint if the mood suits her. She doesn’t go overboard with it the way she sometimes does with the drinking. It’s just about blowing off steam and it’s not a compulsion,” the unnamed source explained.


Jennifer Aniston Is Not A Pothead

In 2001, Aniston admitted to smoking pot every once in and while. However, the actress stressed that she doesn’t consider herself a pothead because she’s not addicted to it.

“You see something like that—me and my husband, 'hooked on drugs.' Then you read the story, and it says you smoke pot. It's not even cocaine or shooting heroin. Pot! I enjoy it once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation… I wouldn’t call myself a pothead,” Aniston told Rolling Stone.


Two years ago, The Morning Show actress also gave one of Howard Stern’s staff tips after learning that he will be smoking weed for the first time.

Stern told Aniston that his staff named JD will smoke weed for the first time with Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg. The actress sounded impressed when she heard the two names.

When Stern asked Aniston if she has any advice for JD, the actress said that it’s important to pace himself.

“It could be the worst day of your life or the best day of your life… Don’t worry, you’ll live,” Aniston said.

While it is true that Aniston smokes weed occasionally, there’s no proof that she still does this today. The actress smoking weed doesn’t also have anything to do with Pitt other than the fact that they used to smoke pot occasionally when they were still together.

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Brad Pitt Gave Up Pot A Long Time Ago

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During his interview with the New York Times, Pitt admitted to smoking weed years ago.


“I spent most of the '90s hiding out and smoking pot. I was too uncomfortable with all the attention,” he said.

But after an entire year of getting stoned, Pitt came to the realization that he was just imprisoning himself. So, he decided to give up the pot and started to spend more time out in public.

“Now I go out and live life, and generally people are pretty cool,” he said.

Pitt’s revelation two years ago proves that he no longer smokes pot. So, it’s unlikely for him and Aniston to still be enjoying the same activity that they used to do together.

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