Jenelle Evans Shock: Teen Mom 2 Star Glad MTV Producers Ignored Her And She Didn't End Up Returning On Spin-off Show

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Jenelle Evans claimed that MTV producers reached out to her to join the Teen Mom 2 spinoff. However, they ignored her when she asked them if she could bring her husband, David Eason, along with her when she tapes the show.

Jenelle Evans Glad MTV Ignored Her And Didn't Push Her To Join The Teen Mom 2 Spinoff

Jenelle Evans spoke with The Sun about her return to the podcast. She also shared a brief discussion with the Teen Mom 2 producers about her potential return to a spinoff. However, it didn't push through because the producers who reached out to her, ignored her when she asked them if she could possibly bring her husband, David Eason, along.


"I said I want to bring David and he can stay down the street in a hotel. I wanted to have someone there for support if sh-t hit the fan," Jenelle said. "They didn’t even tell me yes or no, they just ignored me."

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Looking back, she was glad that MTV didn't push her to join the spin-off. She believed that it was best for her not to return to doing reality shows.

"I’m glad they made the decision for me because I would have probably been up for it," Jenelle explained. "It would have been bad for my mental health and right now I'm in a good place. I'm really peaceful in my family, everyone's getting along, besides my mom, but that’s a whole other story. On my side of the family, everything's going good and I feel like that would have shook up my world."

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Why Did MTV Fire Jenelle Evans On Teen Mom 2 In 2019

Jenelle Evans has been part of MTV's reality show Teen Mom 2 for several seasons. However, she was fired in 2019 after her husband, David Eason, killed their family dog.


According to Eason, he only did it because their daughter 4-year-old Ensley was in danger. He alleged that the dog was aggressive and claimed that if the dog bit a child on the face more than once, it should never be around a child again. The incident moved MTV to fire Jenelle from the show.

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"MTV ended its relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of Teen Mom 2 with him since," an MTV spokesperson said in a statement per The Sun. "Additionally, we have stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6, 2019, and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season."

Jenelle admitted she was so lost after she got fired. Just recently, she recalled the time she was fired in a video on TikTok. However, Jenelle said she left the reality show and many slammed her, reminding her that she was fired.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Jenelle Evans.

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