Jenelle Evans Shock: Teen Mom 2 Misdiagnosed With Bipolar Disorder, Only Had Anxiety

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Credit: MTV's Teen Mom/YouTube Screenshot
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Jenelle Evans shared that she was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder when she only had anxiety. The Teen Mom 2 star said that her condition was never as bad as the viewers made her out.

Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans Says She Was Misdiagnosed With Bipolar

Jenelle Evans has been active on various social media platform after her exit from Teen Mom 2. One fan who claimed to have re-watched her reality show made a comment on her conduct.

"After watching it [Teen Mom] again you seemed like a pretty normal teenager," the fan commented per The Sun. "Especially after having a baby with crazy hormones and bipolar? People need shhhhh."

The comment did not go unnoticed to the former MTV star, who hit back at the netizen. Jenelle said she never had bipolar and was only misdiagnosed.


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"Yeah I was misdiagnosed and just have anxiety but yes def was way more high-strung and defensive back then," she replied.

Several netizens took to Reddit to react to Jenelle's most recent revelation. However, many of them were not impressed. According to one, most adults live with anxiety and Jenelle seems to use it to "connect to her fans" to stay relevant.

"It doesn’t feel very genuine. It feels desperate on her end," one commented. "She isn’t trying to create awareness, she’s looking for some attention and pity."

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Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans Says She's Not As Bad As Fans Made Her Out

Jenelle Evans has continued to gain thousands of supporters and critics after her stint on MTV because she is still present on social. The TikToker got back at another netizen who urged her to "Just stop!" and to "Focus on your kids!" The critic also made unsolicited advice telling her to "Get out of the a good person."

The Teen Mom star showed her sassy side in another video where she dressed up in a black vest top and with a dramatic look with black winged eyeliner. She flashed a pout before lip-syncing to a song with the lyrics, "Can we just be honest? I was never as bad as you made me out to be."

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She continued, "You just needed me to be bad so you could justify how badly you treated me."


Several netizens slammed Jenelle again on Reddit. One said that she was right, she was never as bad because "you were much worse." Another slammed her for getting back with her husband David Eason who murdered her dog.

Many also criticized her for allegedly not taking responsibility or admitting fault. One accused her of playing the victim.

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Jenelle Health Issues Over The Years

The reality star has been going through a lot of things. Among her recent problems is her health. Last year, she had a freckle removed due to asymmetry, and half of it turned dark brown.

While recovering from the surgery she encouraged others to have their moles checked. At the time, she was still waiting for the result if it was actually cancer or just a mole.


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She also had a mysterious health issue that doctors couldn't figure out since 2018. In December, she shared that she had been in a lot of pain and was resting most of the time.

"I've just been taking it easy, been resting. I've been in a lot of pain, so just trying to take it easy on my body," she said. "With how much stress I've had in my life with the launch not going through and now I've received some crazy news about my back, so I've been really nervous. But thanks for thinking about me. I'll be back soon."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Jenelle Evans.

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