Jenelle Evans Cancer Scare: Teen Mom 2 Star Shares Scary Situation, Reaches To Followers For Support

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Credit: MTV

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Jenelle Evans shares her cancer scare experience on social media after having a dark spot removed from her leg. The Teen Mom 2 star shared before-and-after photos of her leg following the removal of the growth, which is being tested for skin cancer.

Jenelle Evans Shares Photos Of Possible Cancerous Mole

Jenelle Evans shared pictures of her in a bikini during a family outing where she held a giant catfish that the family caught. She circled the area on her leg with a small freckle.


Evans shared a similar photo in a different outing. In the snap, the family is on the beach, and she circled the tiny brown spot on her inner thigh.

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"I Don’t have any other pics, but this was the 'freckle' removed due to asymmetry, and half of it turned dark brown," she wrote in the caption on her Instagram Stories.

She also shared another picture after the removal of the growth and while she was recovering from the surgery. "Daily reminder…go get your moles checked yearly," she wrote.

Evans is still waiting for the results of the tests. It's unclear if the spot is actually skin cancer. She is hoping that it's just a mole.

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Jenelle Evans Asks For Suggestions From Instagram Followers


The former MTV star also shared a picture of her chest with what appears to be nasty rashes. According to her, she got a check-up because she was wondering about the rashes, which only show when she's out in the sun.

"I was suggested to wait until I breakout then call to immediately get a biopsy. Haven’t had it done yet. Anyone have suggestions?" she asked.

Some of her followers were responsive. Many said it looked like a "polymorphous light eruption." Evans is going to check with her dermatologist for the diagnosis.

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Jenelle Mysterious Health Issues

In March, Evans was also searching for answers about her mysterious health issues that began in 2018, but doctors "couldn't figure out" the weird symptoms. She shared her self-diagnosis about her condition on YouTube, saying the closest possible diagnosis was syringomyelia.

"This is the one that I think relates to [my] condition a lot, unfortunately," she said. "It’s chiari malformation – a condition in which the brain tissues protrude into your spinal canal. I’m having a lot of neck pain and I’m having the neck cracking all the way right here where the base of my skull is and a little bit above my collarbone. I don’t know what’s wrong with my neck, but whatever’s wrong with my neck obviously caused me to get a cyst and that’s not good. None of this is good."


Stay tuned for more updates about Jenelle Evans' health.

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