Jason Momoa Shock: Aquaman Star Looks Disheveled; Lives In $750K Camper Van After Lisa Bonet Split

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Jason Momoa is living in a camper van after he announced his split from ex Lisa Bonet. The Aquaman star was photographed emerging from a Ford RV parked outside his friend's front yard.

Jason Momoa Lives In A Camper Van Away From $3.5 Million Home With Ex Lisa Bonet

Jason Momoa looked disheveled and was wearing ripped clothing in the photos obtained by Daily Mail. The pictures were taken earlier this week, according to the outlet.


The Justice League star is reportedly living in a $750,000 camper's van, which he used as accommodation while filming on location. He parked the vehicle in a friend's front yard miles away from his $3.5 million home, which he used to share with his ex Lisa Bonet and their children.

The outlet noted that he was strolling with his assistant during the sighting. Momoa is allegedly staying at a friend's home in Los Angeles close to his multi-million mansion in Topanaga hillside.

It remains unknown if he has already officially moved out from their family home. The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star's luxurious EarthRoamer XV-LTi 026 RV offers comfort away from home. It has a Nespresso machine, an induction cooktop, and an outdoor kitchen. It also features a kingsize mattress which is perfect for the 6ft 3in actor.

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What Did Happen To Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet?

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet announced their split earlier this month. The Dune star shared the announcement in a since-deleted post on Instagram.

According to multiple sources, the couple grew apart because they have different priorities. Their relationship was "amazing for years, until they no longer were," an unnamed source told People.


Momoa is allegedly focused on work and has been away from home to film in various locations. However, Bonet has no interest in joining him.

"A few years ago, Jason was struggling to find work. Now his career is booming. And he wants to keep working as much as he can," the insider continued.

Unfortunately, being away from each other puts a strain on their marriage. Momoa and Bonet struggled with the distance and it eventually took a toll on their relationship.

"For some people, it might strengthen their marriage. For Lisa and Jason's marriage, being apart has been a disaster," the tipster added.

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