Is There Any Player Besides Ainz in Overlord?

Is There Any Player Besides Ainz in Overlord?
Credit: Madhouse

Is There Any Player Besides Ainz in Overlord?
Credit: Madhouse

Ainz Ooal Gown is the only known player who was transferred from Yggdrasil to the New World. However, as time passed, Ainz became aware of other players due to the existence of other world items that he did not possess. So, is there any player besides Ainz in Overlord, or is he just overthinking things?

Overlord Season 4 is set to return after seven years with more fluid animation, new episodes, and new arcs. Lord Ainz Ooal Gown, along with his beloved NPC guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, are widely expected to wreak havoc in the new world.

This article includes spoilers for the anime that have yet to be addressed.

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What Happened to Ainz Ooal Gown in Overlord?

Is There Any Player Besides Ainz in Overlord? -What Happened to Ainz Ooal Gown
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Credit: Madhouse

Suzuki Satoru takes on the in-game name "Momonga" in Yggdrasil in Overlord. He takes the name Ainz Ooal Gown after being isekai'd, the same name he used for his guild.

Not only did he lose all game functions, but he also lost the ability to log out. Since the YGGDRASIL servers have shut down, Ainz is on his own to deal with the Great Tomb of Nazarick and its inhabitants.

Ainz decided to study everything the world had to offer in order to adjust to the new world. He not only reminded his floor guardians of his supremacy, but he also made them swear fidelity.

He also asks for their assistance in gathering information and devising plans to eliminate anything that threatens Nazarick's peace.

Because Ainz is a cautious man, he constantly overthinks things. Even in the face of unneeded events, he arrives over-prepared and convinced that they intend to destroy his guild.

He goes to greater lengths by applying as an adventurer to explore the new world. He believes that if he is on the field and witnessing events in the new world firsthand, he will gain more knowledge and information.

After all, Ainz can't be at ease knowing that there are other world-level items in the new world besides his treasury possessions. He believes that he will meet other stronger players in the new world who will wipe out his legacy in an instant.

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Is There Any Player Besides Ainz in Overlord?

Is There Any Player Besides Ainz in Overlord? -Content
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Credit: Madhouse

Ainz is not the only player in Overlord.

In reality, Ainz is the 19th Yggdrasil player to be isekai'd in Overlord. Every 200 years, new players appear, but by the time they reach the new world, the old ones have died.

He is the only player who was isekai'd in Yggdrasil and was transferred to the new world. As of this writing, no one has appeared at his guild claiming to be trapped after the servers have been shut down.

Originally, the six Gods were the first players to be isekai'd. They were the first group of players to arrive in Nazarick 600 years before Ainz did. So far, we know that these gods are all max-level players who enjoy slaying any non-human character. They were also in charge of establishing the Slane Theocracy.

The Eight Greed Kings were the next group of players to arrive. After defeating the last God standing in their way, they conquered and dominated the world. By the end, all of these avaricious kings have decided to kill each other in order to gain supremacy.

The next player to arrive was killed by the Deep Darkness Dragon Lord. The player appears to have taken the Dragon Lord's world item, killing him in the process.

This time, another player appeared in the form of a Minotaur. He is known as the Minotaur Sage, and he was responsible for much of the advancement in the new world in terms of medical and technological aspects.

Two anonymous individuals who became part of the 13 heroes are the most recent arrivals. For some unknown reason, they both engaged in a head-on battle, with one of them eventually dying.

The survivor, on the other hand, decides to speak with the Platinum Dragon Lord only to request his eternal repose.

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