Is The Promised Neverland Season 2 Bad? Why Some Manga Readers Don't Like the Anime's Second Season

The Promised Neverland Season 2 is one of the most popular anime because of the impact left by season 1. In fact, the anime was within the top five animes to watch out for before it was released. After the release, it was still at the top.
Although there are fans who are still looking forward to every episode released each week. There are still many fans who remain fans of the show but there are people still asking the question, is The Promised Neverland Season 2 bad?

You may think that this question is not only posed by people who are nitpicking on season 2. Others who haven't read the manga may think that fans should blame the source material since it's where the anime came from.

The truth is, the question is asked because there are many elements that have been removed in the series. There were many plot lines that were rushed. There are also many supposed-emotional moments that fell flat.

Is The Promised Neverland Season 2 Bad?

For manga readers, the season can be considered bad. The series completely strayed away from the manga, ignored important characters in the manga, and completely removed some of the most exciting arcs in the manga.

The Goldy Pond arc was one of the most exciting, thrilling, and nerve-wracking arcs in the manga. Many fans were excited to see this arc animated because of how good the action, the thrill, and how much the arc showed the vulnerability of the characters within the manga. This arc was also one of the most exciting parts of the entire manga. It was a disturbing arc with many characters introduced. The horrors of the Goldy Pond arc could have translated well into the anime if only it was used. Unfortunately, the anime didn't even mention the arc.

Still, there were other manga readers who were fine with the anime going original. They said that it's fine so that the anime can bring more surprises that no one knows about. However, some of those fans were also disappointed when the impact of an emotional moment was lessened.

WARNING! Spoilers Ahead.

Going original is not entirely bad, as long as the plot is well-fleshed out. Some fans who have tried to remain positive despite season 2 completely ignoring manga characters and removing arcs, were disappointed with the return of Norman. They are disappointed not because they don't want to see Norman but because the moment was lackluster.

The return of Norman in the manga was one of the best twists and moments of the series. However, in the anime, it was rushed. The audience didn't have time to miss Norman and his appearance seemed far too convenient.

The frustrations are not only coming from manga readers. There are also anime watchers who said that sometimes watching some of The Promised Neverland Season 2 episodes didn't make sense. Some of them also mentioned that they felt like Norman's return was too rushed.

It has to be noted that not everyone thinks season 2 is bad. There are still people who truly enjoy it. The anime is still enjoyable for many fans and still remains one of the most popular animes of 2021.

There are still fans on the lookout for the series. If the disturbing background of the Lamba farm and the introduction of the main antagonist Peter Ratri are handled well in the upcoming episodes, the series might be able to fully redeem itself in the eyes of many fans. The anime only has 11 episodes to make everything work well.

You can watch The Promised Neverland Season 2 on Hulu and Funimation.

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