Is SEAL Team Season 6 Happening Soon? Here's What David Boreanaz Says

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Season 5 of Paramount+ SEAL Team concluded with an episode that has fans wondering if the military drama has quietly exited.

This season's final hour, All Bravo Stations, written by showrunner Spencer Hudnut and directed by Christopher Chulack, had big developments for numerous characters at home and in their personal lives in a way that felt very, very "series finale."

Meanwhile, the episode's ending sequence raised serious concerns regarding Bravo Team's future and whether the show could potentially continue.


Is SEAL Team Canceled?

Executive producer David Boreanaz was questioned if the Season 5 finale was intended to be a series finale during an interview with TVLine.

He assures fans, fortunately, that it was not the case:

“We didn’t design it in a way that said, ‘Hey, we’re doing this, and that’s the end of the series!’ I mean, if you did that, no one would know what really happened… There are a lot of forces that dictate [TV] but this wasn’t designed [to be a series finale]. Spencer [Hudnut] wanted to go out the way he wanted to go out, for this specific moment.”

After that, the interviewer asked Boreanaz if the show had been renewed for Season 6.

“I’m an optimistic person… [but] there’s nothing official,” he said. “I do know that we’ve done great for Paramount +, and I’ll just leave it there.”

SEAL Team: The Waiting Game Begins


Boreanaz admitted that the way the Season 5 finale concluded will have a significant impact on the show's future. If it does move forward.

According to TVLine, the military drama, which moved from CBS to Paramount+ after the fourth episode of this season, has a strong dedicated fan base that followed it from broadcast to streaming, and that an official word concerning its future could be coming soon.

SEAL Team got renewed for a fifth season in May 2021, the same month that the fourth set of episodes concluded. Taking this into account, an update might be released as early as January or February 2022.

Although the most recent episode suggests that the series may come to an end, the network and writers have the option to continue the show if they so desire.