When Will In the Land of Leadale Be Dubbed in English? When to Expect a Dub Release Date for the Anime

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Cayna from In the Land of Leadale
Credit: Maho Films
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In the Land of Leadale is by no means the most groundbreaking anime out there, but it's here for your isekai cravings in an otherwise quiet season for the subgenre. While viewers have noted the ableist aspect of having a paralyzed character reincarnated into her able-bodied avatar, some fans enjoy what the anime did after that, particularly the fun fantasy world and relaxing vibes.

So, for those who prefer watching anime in English, will In the Land of Leadale get an English dub, and when?

Credit: Maho Films

New to the show? In the Land of Leadale is based on a complete light novel series and an ongoing manga of the same name. The story follows Keina, a girl who dies when her life support breaks down during a power outrage. Keina then wakes up in the land of Leadale, a secondary fantasy world, and the setting of her favorite RPG.

Now in the body of her avatar, an elf named Cayna, the main character can explore her favorite world, but the more she learns about it the more she finds out this is not quite the land she remembered. Several years have passed, and the once flourishing world has been abandoned by the admins and devastated by war. Cayna's skills are much-needed to improve the situation. On her journey, she must face not only Leadale enemies but also other players from our world, who have found themselves in Leadale like Cayna herself.

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When Will In the Land of Leadale Be Dubbed in English?

Credit: Maho Films

Fans of In the Land of Leadale can rejoice; Crunchyroll has confirmed the English dub of the 12-episode anime.

The first episode will be released in English on Wednesday, the 16th of February. From there on, a new dubbed episode is going to air weekly.

Xanthe Huynh will lend her voice to the main character, Cayna. The actor was also the voice of Yuna from Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, Siest from The Detective Is Already Dead, and Mariana from She Professed Herself a Student of the Wise Man. Other voice actors include Chris Niosi as Skargo, Veronica Taylor as Mai Mai, and Keith Silverstein as Kartatz.