Idris Elba Reveals He's Working on Another DC Project

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Despite the underwhelming performance of The Suicide Squad at the box office, its spinoff series Peacemaker was a huge success when it premiered on HBO Max earlier this year. A lot of fans are wondering whether there are more characters from the film who will also make their return in the franchise someday and have their spinoff project.

Now, according to Fandango's Erik Davis, Idris Elba, who played Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad, revealed in their recent interview that he is working on another DC project. However, he didn't provide any specific details on the project except that it's "a really big thing cooking for DC."


So far, Warner Bros. has not made any confirmation or announcement on the existence of the project or whether it is part of their "ten-year plan" that they teased during the recent earnings call regarding their reshaping of the DC franchise.


An easy guess is that Elba might be working on a Bloodsport spinoff series for HBO Max just like Peacemaker and the already-announced Amanda Waller series. Considering that the character was beloved by fans, it is not surprising to hear that Bloodsport will have his solo project.

For the past several days, Warner Bros. Discovery has been making a lot of moves regarding their DC projects including the shocking cancellation of the $90 million Batgirl movie. However, it looks like Elba's top-secret project will not receive the same treatment and it seems that it still remains in the development stage as far as we know.

It is likely that we will hear an eventual confirmation and announcement about Elba's DC project soon and learn more details about it. Either way, it is already exciting to hear the possibility of his character getting his own solo project.

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