How Many Seasons Will X-Men '97 Have? Exploring Beyond Season 2

x men 97 how many seasons magneto
Credit: Marvel Animation / Disney

x men 97 how many seasons magneto
Credit: Marvel Animation / Disney

X-Men ’97 Season 1 is finally concluding, but that doesn’t spell the end for the series. That’s because X-Men ’97 will continue with more seasons, but how many will it have beyond Season 2?

Upon the show’s premiere in March, the new X-Men animated series was well-received by critics and fans alike. Thus, it’s no surprise that the show has already been renewed.

What’s not clear is how long it will be before the series gets a proper conclusion. After all, the Season 1 finale seems to be setting up some exciting new storylines.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for X-Men ‘97, so proceed with caution.

X-Men ’97 is Already Renewed for More Seasons, But Without Former Showrunner

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Credit: Marvel Animation / Disney

For now, X-Men ’97 season 2 is already in the works, with the show also being picked up for a third season.

The show’s seasons 2 and 3 order was revealed by producer Brad Winderbaum in an interview in’s Phase Zero podcast.

There, Winderbaum confirmed that the second season is already on track, with season 3’s development already in the pipeline.

Interestingly, he also addressed that the previous showrunner Beau DeMayo has worked on the second season.

Ahead of the X-Men ’97 premiere, Marvel fans were shocked when showrunner DeMayo exited the series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, DeMayo was fired by Marvel in early March.

Since then, DeMayo has not mentioned a specific reason for his exit, with Marvel also making no official statement regarding his firing.

DeMayo’s vision should still have influence in the next season as he has reportedly finished the season 2 script before his exit.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see how the show’s next seasons will be without him. As for their story though, comic storylines can give us an idea of what to expect.

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X-Men ’97 Will Need Four More Seasons to Explore Finale’s Aftermath

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Even though X-Men ’97 has been renewed only until season 3, the finale’s events have planted seeds for more seasons beyond that. In fact, the show may need four more seasons to explore the future story threads.

For starters, Xavier delving into Magneto’s mind seems heavily inspired by the Fatal Attractions crossover which leads to the creation of Onslaught, a villain who is borne out of Xavier and Magneto’s darkest aspects.

Given Onslaught’s power, the crossover sees the Fantastic Four join the fray. This can potentially happen in a future season given that Captain America has already appeared.

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Credit: Marvel Animation / Disney

This crossover also shows Magneto ripping the adamantium off Wolverine, leading to another interesting development.

Without the adamantium, Wolverine’s healing factor goes haywire, leading to him mutating and subsequently being brainwashed by Apocalypse.

Including all these story developments, there should be easily enough for three or four seasons. Of course, this is just conjecture as the show’s future storylines are not set in stone yet.

How many seasons do you think X-Men ’97 will have? Share your predictions with us in the comments.

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