How Many Episodes Will Season 1 of Kemono Jihen Have?

Credit: Aija-do Animation Works

Credit: Aija-do Animation Works

Kemono Jihen is one of the most exciting anime of the Winter 2021 season for those who enjoy paranormal mysteries and the concept of found family. Every week the show is aired on Funimation, our main characters come across seemingly impossible cases that become increasingly personal... but how many episodes can we expect?

According to the big anime database MyAnimeList, Kemono Jihen is going to have 12 episodes. This can be disappointing for the fans of the show, particularly since the story can definitely give much more.

Even when the episodes of Kemono Jihen have a "monster of the week" format, with new enemies each week, who are defeated in one or at most two episodes, the plot seems to move forward. Episodes 5 and 6, for instance, were concerned with villains we won't see again, but Shiki's character development was notable, and drove the plot of episode 7.

This strong character development and the focus on a different character in each episode suggest that the creators have intended more episodes in the future. While there might be some kind of closure of Shiki in the following episode, Kabane and Akira also have family members they want to find, while we've only seen the surface of Inari's machinations.

Of course, feeling that 12 episodes aren't enough to cover all that Kemono Jihen promises is completely justified, because the story is really not meant to be short. It's based on a shōnen manga, written and illustrated by Sho Aimoto which is currently ongoing. As of February 2021, 13 volumes have been released.

This is plenty of source material, meaning a second season could be entirely possible. Of course, the existence of a manga isn't enough to guarantee more Kemono Jihen episodes, since deciding whether or not to keep a series going is complex and reliant on marketing practices and audience response.

Even so, it feels comforting to know that the material is there, and we can keep following our favorite characters in the manga as they solve Kemono cases.

In the meantime, you might want to check other great anime that are currently ongoing, such as That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and Wonder Egg Priority.

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