How Many Episodes Will Lycoris Recoil Have?

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How Many Episodes Will Lycoris Recoil Have?: Takina Inoue
Credit: A-1 Pictures

Lycoris Recoil caused quite the stir with its July 2nd premiere. With its main cute girls immediately starting off with doing not-so-cute things like foiling illegal deals and (non-fatally) shooting stalkers, viewers quickly realized it's not your typical slice-of-life anime. If you can't get enough of it, here's how many episodes Lycoris Recoil will have.

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What is Lycoris Recoil All About?

How Many Episodes Will Lycoris Recoil Have?: Chisato Nishikigi
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Lycoris Recoil is set in very peaceful Tokyo, where bad things somehow don't happen anymore... at least not in the eyes of ordinary citizens.

Unbeknownst to the people of Japan, this very peace is thanks to an organization called DA, and the young girls they've trained as spies and assassins for the purpose of keeping dangers of all sorts at bay. These girls are called "Lycoris."

The Japanese-Western hybrid Cafe LycoReco is Tokyo's local DA station. It is here that the bubbly Chisato Nishikigi, the strongest Lycoris of all time, is assigned.

In this cafe, patrons can order the usual coffee and traditional Japanese sweets. Its secret menu includes assisting at a language school and protecting people from stalkers, among many others.

Chisato works in the cafe alongside Mizuki Nakahara, a former DA Intelligence Division member with a strong desire to marry; and the cafe's manager, Mika, who is Chisato's superior at DA and has a strong love for Japan.

When the serious Takina Inoue favors acting fast over following orders, she gets reassigned from HQ to Cafe LycoReco. She is supposed to meet and learn from the strongest Lycoris, Chisato, but is disappointed to find her cheerfully doing one mundane job after another.

How is she supposed to go back to HQ now?

Fortunately, Chisato quickly gains Takina's awe and respect after a quick stand-off with some bad guys, and so begin the (mis)adventures of the mismatched duo and the rest of the Cafe LycoReco staff.

Lycoris Recoil is an original anime by A-1 Pictures and is made possible by a power production crew. The anime's original story is written by Ben-to creator Asaura, with original character designs by This Art Club Has A Problem author Imigimuru.

Also joining the staff as director is Shingo Adachi, character designer for the SAO series and chief animation director for Working!! (Wagnaria!!).

While the whole Summer 2022 lineup is not to be taken lightly with lots of huge sequels and new titles alike, fans really shouldn't sleep on Lycoris Recoil. Judging from the audience reception for its first two episodes, it doesn't seem like anybody is!

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How Many Episodes Will Lycoris Recoil Have?

How Many Episodes Will Lycoris Recoil Have?: Chisato and Takina
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The anime's official website says Lycoris Recoil will have a total of 13 episodes. From September 2022 to February 2023, a total of six Blu-ray and DVD volumes will be released, each containing 2-3 episodes.

Episodes 1 and 2 came out on July 2nd and July 9th, respectively. Assuming there isn't any sudden delay in Lycoris Recoil's release schedule, the series is expected to complete its run on September 24th.

Lycoris Recoil has quickly gained a lot of curious fans within two weeks, and some have already wondered about the possibility of a new season after the first one ends.

At the moment, there hasn't been any news, official or otherwise, hinting at the production of a second season. As soon as reliable information comes out, we'll be sure to update you.


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