How Did Muzan Become a Demon in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Explained

For those who have not read or watched Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Muzan Kibutsuji is the antagonist of the story. He is considered the Demon King, which means he is the first demon. He is also the one who turns humans into demons by giving them his blood.

Muzan Kibutsuji is the one who slaughtered Tanjiro’s mother and siblings. If that is not enough, he turned Nezuko into a demon. As the Demon King, Muzan can change his appearance. There were times when he was an elegant woman and times when he was a sick boy. But the most popular form was a man in his late twenties. It can be seen that this form has pale skin with curly black hair.

Before we go through what he did in the manga and series, who was Muzan before he became a demon?

How Did Muzan Become a Demon in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

How Did Muzan Become a Demon 1
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Before Muzan was a demon, he was born with a weak and sickly body. The doctor told him that by the time he reaches 20, he would die. His doctor then suggested that he should consider taking a prototype medicine.

At first, his ailment worsened. Muzan got angry and decided to kill his doctor, not knowing that the medicine started working. His body became stronger even for a human. In exchange, Muzan needs to kill humans to survive, and he can no longer walk in the sun. Since then, Muzan’s goal is to achieve full immortality and to be able to go out and enjoy the sunlight.

His plan to achieve his goals is to find the Blue Spider Lily and find the demon who can withstand sunlight.

What makes Muzan an interesting villain is that he is exceptionally smart. He doesn’t show any emotions and does not get attached to anyone. His focus is only on his goals, and he will not stop until he gets what he wants. His perfectionist personality helps him plan each move almost perfectly, which is why the Demon corps are having a hard time defeating him.

Will Tanjiro and the new Demon Slayer corps finally put an end to Muzan?

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