House of the Dragon Episode 6 Delivers Major Deaths and Fans Can't Deal With It

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It's Sunday night and that means another episode of House of the Dragon. Episode 6 is possibly one of the most anticipated episodes of the Game of Thrones prequel since it would introduce Emma D'Arcy and Oliva Cooke as Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower, and not surprisingly, The Princess and The Queen did not disappoint. Tonight's episode gave us some major casualties and fans are fuming over the losses.



In House of the Dragon Episode 6, it is immediately confirmed that Rhaenyra and Alicent are still not getting along a FULL DECADE after the queen found out that the princess had lied to her about losing her virginity. As soon as Rhaenyra pushes out her third son, Alicent orders for the baby to be presented to her, forcing the princess to take the long walk to see the queen.

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There's a reason why Alicent wants to see the infant urgently. Like most of the people in Westeros, she suspects that Rhaenyra's children are actually the sons of Ser Harwin Strong, thus making them bastards who should not inherit the Iron Throne. Unfortunately, Harwin appears to be fully devoted to the boys he could not claim as his own and risks being revealed as their father when he reacts to Ser Criston Cole mocking the princes' paternity.


This leads Harwin's father Ser Lyonel Strong to resign as Hand of the King but Viserys I Targaryen refuses to let him go. As a compromise, Lyonel requests to bring Harwin back to Harrenhal and although it is permitted, Harwin's devious brother Larys Strong sends assassins to kill both in the name of the queen.

Harwin and Lyonel are not the only casualties in House of the Dragon Episode 6. The headstrong Laena Velaryon, now the wife of Daemon Targaryen, suffers the same problem as Aemma Targaryen in the show's first episode. However, rather than waiting for her husband to decide to cut the baby out, Laena decides she will choose her own fate and orders her dragon Vhagar to burn her to the ground.


All of these deaths were completely unexpected considering that fans were hoping these characters will appear in more episodes. Unfortunately, House of the Dragon Episode 6 would be the last for Harwin, Lyonel, and Laena, and they will truly be missed.

The latest episode of House of the Dragon is now available on HBO Max. House of the Dragon Episode 7 is titled Driftmark and is set to premiere on HBO on Sunday, October 2, 2022, at 9:00 PM EST.


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