Hillary Clinton Heartbreak: Bill Clinton Planning $120 Million Divorce? Ex-POTUS Near-Death Experience Encouraged Him To Leave His Wife

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Credit: Global News/YouTube Screenshot

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have been together for almost 50 years. But their marriage is not free from controversies. The ex-POTUS previously admitted to cheating on his wife with his former staff, Monica Lewinsky. And there are also claims that the ex-FLOTUS wasn’t always faithful to her husband.

Robert Morrow, the author of The Clintons’ War on Women, previously called that couple’s marriage a sham. After all, the patriarch’s infidelity reportedly started shortly after he tied the knot with Hillary. And even though the latter was aware that her husband was cheating, she decided to stay in the marriage to advance her political ambitions.

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Bill Clinton Plotting A $120 Million Divorce From Hillary Clinton

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Credit: TIME/YouTube

Globe, in its Dec. 6 issue, claimed that Bill recently had a change of heart regarding his union with Hillary. Following his recent health scare, the ex-president allegedly realized that there’s no reason for him to keep wasting his time with his wife.

As such, an unnamed source claimed that Bill is ready to file for divorce from Hillary even if it means having to give up $120 million worth of fortune.

“Bill no longer cares what people think after his hospital stay. For years, he was concerned about keeping up appearances, first for the sake of his own political career and then to further Hillary’s run for the White House and finally for the success of their charitable foundation. But he’s no longer willing to live a lie, even for the benefit of his three grandchildren from daughter Chelsea,” the unnamed source explained.

Bill Clinton’s Near-Death Experience Encouraged Him To Leave Hillary Clinton

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Credit: TIME/YouTube

The ex-POTUS was allegedly just a few minutes away from death weeks ago, and surviving his recent ordeal forced him to rethink his priorities.

Following his hospital stint, Bill stepped out in public with Hillary in tow. And eagle-eyed netizens claimed that the ex-president looked as frail as ever.

The publication’s favorite internist, Dr. Gabe Mirkin, who has never met Bill, estimated his weight at around 121 pounds. Mirkin also said that this is alarming because ex-POTUS is chronically underweight.

“The stress of divorce, combined with his recent medical emergency, has seemingly had a tremendous effect on his body weight. Divorce is the most upsetting lifestyle development I can think of,” Mirkin said.

Weeks ago, Bill was rushed to the hospital due to an infection. It was later revealed that he was diagnosed with sepsis.

A statement from his spokesperson was released after he checked out of the hospital, and he continued his treatment back home in New York.

There was no indication that Bill’s diagnosis was as serious as what the publication is claiming. And it’s even more untrue that the ex-POTUS cheated death weeks ago.

Bill didn’t also have a change of heart when it came to his marriage. In fact, he previously expressed his gratitude to Hillary for staying by his side even after he cheated on him.

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Why Hillary Clinton Stayed With Bill Clinton After He Cheated On Her

In Hillary’s memoir, Living History, she detailed her reaction after Bill came clean about his affair with Lewinsky. The ex-FLOTUS admitted that she wanted to wring her husband’s neck because of what he did.

“The most difficult decisions I have made in my life were to stay married to Bill and to run for the Senate from New York,” Hillary admitted.

At the time, Bill was also scheduled to release his own memoir, so Hillary said that she could not answer on his behalf as to why he cheated on his wife.

“Why he felt he had to deceive me and others is his own story, and he needs to tell it in his own way,” Hillary wrote.


According to Huma Abedin, Hillary decided to stay with her husband despite his previous affair because she felt that it was the right thing to do for herself, her family, and her country.

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