HBO's Last of Us Teases With New Footage of Game-Accurate Scenes

HBO promised to make a faithful adaptation of Last of Us and they did not disappoint. They casted Pedro Pascual for Joel Miller, a smuggler who’s in charge of taking Ellie (played by Bella Ramsey) to the Fireflies since she is immune to the virus that turns humans into clickers (a different evolved version of being an infected) once bitten by the infected. They have already featured many in-game references on their teaser trailer, and recently, on their Coming Soon to HBO Max video below:

At the very beginning of the video, we are immediately shown one of the common destroyed buildings in the Last of Us game. It transitions to Ellie riding the carousel with her best friend Riley, who appeared in the Left Behind additional content, a time way before Ellie met Joel. The video also didn’t shy away from teasing us with the opening sequence of the in-game where Joel had help from his brother, Tommy, by driving the truck to someplace safer, with Joel’s daughter, Sarah.

With some of the clips from its initial teaser trailer video, it added the scene where Joel is carrying his daughter after twisting her ankle from the truck accident, and of course, the clickers coming to life in live-action. The promotional video did not forget to include the most memorable line of Last of Us, where Ellie and Joel first had a heated argument:

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“Everybody I’ve cared for, either died or left me.” - Ellie
“You have no idea what loss is.” - Joel

Bella Ramsey may have gotten the role to play Ellie, but she admitted never having played the game before — and she was encouraged not to. This way, she gets to take her own spin into playing the character on screen for the first time. As for Pedro Pascual, he looks very much like his game character, Joel, with a gruff-looking beard and a stern dead look in his eyes every time he is on camera. Both actors have once worked together on Game of Thrones series, with Bella as Lyanna Mormont, the toughest and youngest noblewoman to fight for the North for Winterfell, and with Pedro Pascual’s Oberyn Martell, a member of House Martell who lost brutally against a duel with the Mountain.

The Last of Us is set to be released on HBO in 2023.

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