Harley and Poison Ivy Finally Get Together in Harley Quinn Series

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy may have always had a romantic history in DC comics, however, fans have yet to see the two ever really come together in DC Universe's Harley Quinn series.

The DC Universe has taken its sweet time developing the relationship between the two DC villains. Harley and Poison Ivy started as barely friends when they were introduced as doctor and patient. They eventually became closer as Harley tried to make her mark as an independent supervillain, seeking revenge of the Injustice League taking over Gotham City. They did share a kiss while escaping the prison run by Bane, but Ivy and Harley ignored the implications of the kiss, saying that it was no big deal.

Now, it seems like the relationship has finally progressed with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn getting together in the latest episode of the popular DC animated series (via Screen Rant).

In the episode "Bachelorette," fans get to see Harley and Ivy flying over to Themyscira (the home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons) which recently opened itself to the world as a woman's only spa. The two wanted to celebrate Ivy's engagement to Kite Man with a killer bachelorette party, and so they decided Themyscira was the best place. The plan was to enjoy all the pleasures that the spa had to offer it before destroying it – somehow the two had discovered that the goddess of discord, Eris, had been mind-controlling Amazon Queen Hippolyta into turning Themyscira into a resort, plotting to sell the island to Lex Luthor.

It was a simple plan, however, it was nearly undone when Harley and Poison Ivy ended up in bed together after a night of debauchery. Though the couple agreed that it was only a "two-time thing," the incident became something more with the two waking up in the same bed again.

Will Harley and Ivy ever figure out their relationship? We'll find out in the next episodes.

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