Halo: The Master Chief Collection Finally Comes to PC

After a long time, Microsoft and 343 Studios are finally bringing Halo: The Master Chief Collection to PC, after numerous teases throughout the years. This remastered collection of games from the Xbox and Xbox 360 era was one of the biggest selling points of the Xbox One back in the day, so finally seeing it on PC should be gratifying for the PC Master Race.

Those with powerful gaming PCs will be able to get the collection on both the Microsoft Store and Steam, so fans of both services should be fine. No word yet on the collection coming to Epic Games but that's something both companies can work on. Still, this is a great collection for PC players to get their hands on, though no release date was given.

Fans will also be happy to know that Halo: Reach is being added to The Master Chief Collection. Reach will automatically be added to the PC port, while those that bought the original Xbox One collection will have to purchase it when available. However, the multiplayer aspect of Reach will be added to the Xbox One version at no extra cost.

Stay tuned for when the release date of this collection is revealed. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now available on Xbox One and will come to PC later this year.

Via Xbox

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